Thea enjoying a hot day

thea painting

That is superb, Heather. Love seeing your paintings as they are so good!!

Wow what a beautiful portrait, Heather this is superb.

That is just astonishing, Heather, really beautiful! Much love and God bless, 🙂❤️🙏

Beautifully painted Heather! I love it.

A breathtaking talent you have Heather. So good to see your work.

Brilliant Heather

Very impressive! So well done.

Sometimes paintings just stand out as superb. And this is one of them.

That is stunning Heather, superb 👏👏

An enchanting painting, beautifully executed.

Your portraits are incredible. Another winner.

Superb ! At first I thought it was a photograph !

Superb work Heather, love it ;0)

She’s grown! Lovely portrait Heather, I think this is the best one I’ve seen yet from you - save it for you know where!

What a beautiful superb portrait, Heather! A stunning portrait painting… most probably better than a photo taken from a DSLR camera!!

Really amazingly good Heather! It looks totally right. Superb work.

Beautiful; what more can I say that hasn't already been said? A stunning model, stunningly painted.

Fantastic Heather!

very very good work

Such a fabulous portrait Heather. On another level entirely!!

A really lovely portrait Heather, looks so fresh and painted beautifully.

Wow , fantastic Heather

Wow!! What a superb portrait, Heather! Your attention to detail is second to none. Beautiful work.

That's beautiful Heather!

Beautiful niece beautifully painted, simply beautiful Heather!

Heather this is so clever , lovely portrait of Thea.

Beautiful portrait Heather; the light is superb, very impressive sunglasses too! 😀

So beautifully composed and painted Heather. Lovely skin tones, hair and smile, and great sunglasses- yes always tricky but you’ve done it.

Stunning portrait the expression says everything

Beautiful painting

Love this painting Heather, she looks like the Mona Lisa. Outstanding....

Beautiful painting

great painting Heather

Heather you are always supportive and so it is a pleasure to return the compliment. This is absolutely brilliant. Well done.

What a stunning portrait Heather.

Superb Heather, you have raised the standard to another level.

Beautifully painted Heather!!

A wonderfully competent portrait Heather, really beautiful.

Heather, your portrait is exceptional, thank you for sharing this beautiful moment with us.

Really beautiful portrait, Heather.

I don’t know how you do it Heather - wonderful. An attractive face and the perched sunglasses are a nice touch. Lovely skin tones too. I’ve been looking closely at her hair - that is a work of art in itself ! If you are a ‘beginner’ as you say then I’m a Dutchman. Very well done.

So clever Heather. That’s photo-realist standard.

Another excellent portrait Heather. The light on the skin is amazing and I honed in on the tiny detail of the earring chain!

You are one of the few people that can catch the essence of a person Heather. This is wonderful!

Essence; absolute essence! A fine portrait.

Wonderful painting Heather. Beautifully captured the emotions with subtlety. Amazing realism.👏👏❤️

Goodness me! Beautiful subject beautifully painted.

This is superb Heather and so professional. How on earth did you paint the silver jewellery so realistically? Can never manage to achieve such perfection.

Fabulous portrait Heather!

Stunning Heather.

Wow, a fantastic portrait Heather. Her hair looks superb and must have been so difficult to paint. The skin tones are beautiful too. I'm in awe of your talent.

Gosh, you must have so much patience, with all that lovely detail in the shades of hair and skin! Excellent Heather.


This is wonderful - have been studying this closely to try to figure out how you got her skin looking so smooth - I've never been able to achieve this (you mention glazes but I've never figured out how to apply them). Great work.

One of my favourite paintings seen here recently

This is just beautiful Heather. Wonderful touch and colour.

Posted by Bob Ward on Mon 04 Oct 22:08:41

So beautiful portrait, Heather! Great!

A really lovely portrait Heather, I love the range of skin tones.

Superb heather, totally superb! Peter

Excellent portrait

Excellent Heather, a very professional portrait, I bet Thea is pleased

A stunner Heather! .......... your painting AND your great niece! Wonderful hair curls and the light on the face is superb. Thea's earring is lovely too. Such a good portrait. Top marks from me.

A gorgeous realist style with so much extra Heather

WOW! This is superb Heather, you are a dark horse and this proves how good you are. This is top draw, very skilful and so well observed absolutely beautiful!!👍❤️

I missed this Heather. 😔 how beautiful. You are very clever and talented. Lovely painting 🖼

I really enjoy your portraits & as in your Bio you have almost described my pain in the likeness , perseverance & I too would love to paint more freely, but I still have to add more detail. You must be proud of your achievements. You have inspired me to have another go at portraits instead of my usual landscapes.

Absolutely incredible.

Just stunning Heather. You capture faces and expressions in such detail and so precise. You are extremely talented.

The tones in the skin are perfect.

Really well painted, I love your textures

Awesome portrait. Very expressive and natural.

Wow. And here's me thinking my pastel portraits were good! This is excellent!

Beautiful portrait of a beautiful person Heather. Well done.

What a lovely pose and depiction! Glowing.

Fantastic portraiture - awesome.

Oh my this (and your other pieces are sensational) - sky portrait artist of the year competition springs to mind!

Wow ! a wonderful painting Heather. Love this.

What a beautiful portrait Heather! ❤️

This is awesome Heather.

Good work Heather. Capturing smiling faces ain't so easy. You did well!

great portrait one day I may have ago at painting people

Probably the wrong thing to say to an artist, but this is almost photographic. My pastels can never achieve this smoothness. As for very much a beginner, well, after just four years or so this is amazing.

I'm back again! Noticed in your profile the longing for a looser style. Well, have you watched Mad Charcoal on YouTube? Mad is the right word for the method, but it helped me to arrive much more quickly at the correct proportions when beginning work on a portrait.

Very realistic and photo-perfect painting. Excellent work of art

Stunningly beautiful portrait Heather, you have handled the lighting so sensitively!

Heather your gallery is stunning. The skill and detail is immense. I’m posting on this beautiful painting, but they are all so good.

beautifully sensitive portrait Heather!

Another amazing portrait Heather, fantastic!

This is such a gorgeous painting. The skin is so fresh and I like how you tackled the curly hair against the golden corn Heather.

Fantastic, Heather.👌👏👏

Posted by Olga D. on Tue 25 Jan 08:39:26

Love this, great portrait.

Love it. The texture of the hair is amazing. Well.....everything about it amazing. Fabulous.

I think you are a very good painter.good luck.

very beautiful this portrait

This is beautiful Heather. The skin tones so good, you can see how the sun has caught her skin. Lovely

Beautiful portrait Heather.

Congratulations on your selection for TALP 2022. Love the shine on her cheek…so difficult to get the tones correct.

Another beaut Heather. The attention to detail is stunning. The necklace and earrings....the curls ...blouse, skin tone. Then of course the beautiful features of your niece. Fabulous 😀

Hi Heather There is a luminosity to Theas face that you have achieved which is amazing, given it has been achieved by brushwork. Tremendous! My guess is that Thea loves it too!

Hang on Studio Wall

This is another painting of Thea my great niece. The lighting was all shades of tricky but thankfully no wind! But oh my, were those sunglasses difficult to get right. It's oils and somewhat larger than A3 in size. When it's a bit dryer shall put another glaze or two on top. Am thrilled that this has been selected for TALP 2022

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