Ian Dawber FSIAD


I am an elected member of the Society of Illustrators, Artist and Designers attaining Fellow membership. Since graduating from Wigan Art School in 1978 I have worked as a professional Graphic Designer/Illustrator in both Liverpool and Manchester agencies. I am currently a member of ‘The Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts, ‘Stockport Art Guild’ and ‘The Swinley Group’ – my paintings have been exhibited in ‘The Stockport Open’ 2018/19, ‘WCAF Open Exhibition’, SAG 2018/19 Annual Exhibition, ‘Wigan Open 2018’, ‘Liverpool Art Fair 2019’, ‘TALP Open Art Exhibition 2019’ and ‘The Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts Exhibition 2020 ‘Embody without Burden’ and ‘Die Gedanken Sind Frei’ a 2020 online exhibition – In 2019 I was awarded a commission to paint one of the ‘Stockport’s Giant Leap’ frog sculptures.