Andrew Smith



I’ve always loved water, its movement, its colour, its power. I had the privilege of working as a hydrologist for nine years before ordination, necessarily but enjoyably observing the movement of water in full flow or even in floods. That was thirty years ago but my love for moving water has not diminished over the decades. Largely self-taught from observation and originally working in watercolour for decades, focusing on landscapes and portraits, it was only when I moved on to oils and then acrylics, in the last three years, that I worked out how to convey the energy of waterfalls, rapids and storm waves, and, increasingly, to bring out the rainbow hues not always evident in photographs. Having designed structures, I still love outstanding examples of these, ideally with a link to water, like the Ironbridge cooling towers, or the Millennium bridge towards St Paul's. My other passion is people, from nudes to portraits and biblical scenes. Mounted giclee prints (£85) are available as well as originals, via my email, [email protected] for many of these pieces.