Val Fisher


Now a happy retiree, I have been doodling and drawing ever since I was a little girl when my Mum got me a painting-by-numbers one Christmas. I didn't do any drawing/painting for many years until I was bought a box of pastels - another gift, and I copied a winter scene from a Christmas card in the late 80's. I have had no 'formal' training but loved art at school and college, then more recently I've been to several water colour classes and thoroughly enjoyed it. The great thing I find with painting is how it makes you appreciate the landscape and details of nature. It also helps me when taking photographs as I look through the lens and set up the picture with an 'artistic' eye - framing/foreground/point of interest/thirds etc. Most of my art originates from my own photographs and I just love it as a hobby, where I'm totally imersed for a hour or two.