Barbara Kozyra


I am mainly a self taught painter and enjoyed painting and drawing from early childhood. Coloured pencils and a piece of paper were always my favourite toys. Started off with basic shapes I then tried to make my drawings more and more accurate as I wanted to be able to make realistic pictures. My style has been changing over the years. I am trying to experiment more and come out of my comfort zone. For the past several years I have worked mainly in acrylics as I find them nice and easy to work with but I also tried oil paints, watercolours, pastels and pencils. I sold some of my paintings and did commissions for pet portraits. It has always been my hobby but my real dream is to turn my hobby into a full time job, so if you are interested in any painting or would like to order a portrait of someone you love or your beloved pet, please feel free to contact me through this website, email: [email protected] or instagram: @82_barb_art ​