Faye Patrick


Hello 👋 I used to paint over everything when I was a little girl. Walls, My mums Telephone, My cousins wardrobe and all over the walls in middle school in a cupboard! Got into a little bit of trouble! When I finished school I went on to college then Uni and studied Illustration. I never felt I fitted in and felt uni was very restricted and thought maybe it's not for me. After I just wanted to get a job. I tried my hardest at other things part from anything arty. Sadly I convinced myself I wasn't an artist and left painting behind for 14 years. Since lockdown my creativity came back and I accepted that I am creative, and now appreciate it and enjoy expressing myself through my art. I love colour and realised how passionate I am and happy I feel when I paint. I have been painting just over a year now and I feel a little more confident to show my art online for the first time. Fresh start lots of learning. 🥰