Sunil Mehta


I paint landscapes and abstracts in acrylics, oils and water colours. My favourite style is impasto as it creates beautiful imagery and depth exploiting the richness of the paints thereby producing a pleasing tactile surface. Landscapes convey peace, tranquility and considerable warmth. I often use mixed media techniques, especially for my abstract works. I generally paint western landscapes. I live in Mumbai. After my Art ‘0’ levels, it was forty years before I began painting again. I am indebted to my mother and to Katharine Holmes of Yorkshire who freed my inhibitions in style, media and quantum of use of paint and size of brushes! Her teaching style was truly expressive. My signature is a Mandarin chop. The left side vertical symbols are my name “Sunil”. The right side symbols are the words ‘Be happy'. I believe that it’s far more expressive than just signing my name on the canvas! As part of our social responsibility, at each art exhibition organized by me, we support any NGO working with women or children. On my part, I personally ensure that around 30% of my sales are directly given to the NGO. I have had ten exhibitions, details on my art website: or My belief: Be happy when painting. Always try out something new; be innovative. Try and see art from the viewer’s point of view if you are exhibiting. Paint from the heart any subject you feel comfortable about. Be sincere. Attempt to be a good citizen by giving a percentage of sales proceeds to charity as it helps NGO’s - Go surprise yourself. Interests: I am an artist, traveller and writer of travel articles. I love photography and gardening. My travel articles have appeared in various leading Indian travel and specialized magazines. My travel blog is / Enjoy the articles