Nathan Jelbert


I am a Graphic Designer by day, and an aspiring artist, by night. I spend a lot of my free time either, drawing, painting and even using my lunch breaks to study old masters techniques and styles. I am, I hope, a little more exciting than I sound... I've always had a passion for art throughout my life, but it wasn't until about 6 years ago, that I really started to put a lot of effort into attempting to get better at it. I'm only here once in this life, and I would like to be able to show myself, and more importantly, my children, that life is yours for the shaping. As it stands at the moment, art is my armour against the humdrum of life, it takes my mind off crushing routine, and it reminds me there is actually more than 9-5, soap operas and taxes. I love it, and it encourages me to be a better parent, to lead by example, even if my kids have no artistic leanings, and to enjoy and nurture the talents they do have.