Membership Benefits

Painters Online have a brand new membership service called Studio and here you can find out everything about what it has to offer. Studio is made up of 3 core components - Studio TV (exclusive video guides), Studio Archive (archived magazines) and Studio Wall (curated content hub). We have a premium package called Studio+ which includes a few extras.

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What can you do with Studio?

Studio TV - Exclusive informative videos and step by step tutorials to help you become a better artist!

Studio Wall - "Hang" the most useful content from articles, product reviews, forum threads, galleries and techniques in one central destination.

Studio Archive

Get up to 5 years' worth of intuitive guides to inspire you and help you learn! Our archive includes back issues of The Artist and Leisure Painter magazines.

With Studio+ you can benefit from receiving a free printed magazine in the post every month. Choose from either The Artist, Leisure Painter or both! 

Showcase your art and list it for sale.

Create your artist profile and have the ability to list your art for sale quickly and easily.

What option is best for me?

From just £3.50 by monthly direct debit or £23.99 per year

  • Studio TV - watch exclusive videos
  • Studio Wall - your tailored content hub!
  • Studio Archive - read digital issues
  • Sell your art
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From £4.50 by monthly direct debit or £49.99 for the year*

  • Extra free printed monthly magazine 
  • Studio TV - watch exclusive videos 
  • Studio Wall - your tailored content hub!
  • Studio Archive - read digital issues
  • Sell your art
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How do I use these features?

Once you have signed in with a free trial or a membership, you will be granted access to the "My Membership" section where you can locate your Studio Wall, unlock the Studio Archive and watch our videos available on Studio TV. 

The "My Membership" zone is accessible at the top of the website and will appear once logged in. In the Membership area, you will find guides and information on how to start utilising all of the services available to you.

I am already a subscriber to the magazine, I want to upgrade!

Great news! If you want to upgrade, your best option is to switch to our Studio+ service which combines all the best of the services and magazines in to one easy bundle.  If you want to switch, we can review how many issues you have already paid for and upgrade you over the telephone (01580 763315) or via email on [email protected] 

* If you want both magazines it is £7.00 by monthly direct debit or £79.99 per year