Who are you looking at ... self portrait

Who are you looking at ... self portrait

Very good! Well done

This is lovely. You don't look like a beginner to me!

Amazing for a first go - everything is super especially the hair - keep it going, Heather.

This is very good Heather, the skin tones and hair are fantastic

Wonderful self portrait done with great skill and acute observation Heather.

An excellent self-portrait!

A beginner? No way! So accomplished, as are the paintings in your gallery. Excellent work.


Thank you so much everyone - comments like this keep me going

Tremendous painting, Heather, and judging by your other portraits this must be a good likeness. Top drawer, with a wonderful expression of curiosity. Is there a mild touch of irritation in there somewhere? *lol* Great work Bri

Wonderful portrait, Heather.

Excellent “selfie” Heather ! Fantastic achievement with acrylics, the eyes and the hair are just fab!

Wow Heather what a talent and techniques for only two years. Beautiful painting full of life and lovely gallery

Love the texture in this. Well done. Lorraine Gray

beautiful :)

Thanks everyone for recent comments

I admire the pose for this self portrait and it is so realistic and life-like, superb pigments for the features and texture for the hair, an excellent painting Heather!

Thank you Angela, really appreciate your comments.

Fantastic Heather. Love the hair.

Amazing. Can hardly call you a beginner with work like that

You're a natural portrait artist Heather this is great given the length of time as well you've been painting... Its great full stop

Thank you so much everyone - Steve, Willy, Dorothy and Alan.

If your a beginner, watch out when your advanced then lol, you'll blow the site up! WOW

Thank you very much Tracy - comments like yours mean so much.

Beautiful painting, I like the way you paint the skin and the expressions that you catch in your works, I like them all, my best wishes for your work!

That's some very fine work on the hair.

Posted by T H on Sat 20 Jul 20:37:27

Excellent portrait !

Wonderful self portrait Heather with expression, every artist should do one!...

Amazing :)

Brilliant! Hair is a picture to look at next time I want to do some hair.

An excellent self-portrait!

Fantastic portrait wonderful touch.

Fantastic work Heather! You have a real skill and feel for portrait painting. Can't believe you have not been doing this very long. You convey the living personality behind the painting so well by the detail in the eyes alone let alone the other excellent work such as the expression.

Love this, Heather

Lovely painting great skin tones

You are clearly a natural! Awesome

Fantastic Heather. I really like the highlights on your lip and in your eye, they bring it to life for me. The background is also what I hoped to create in my painting of a robin - any tips appreciated!

Superb work Heather,...expressive!

Very well done!

Wow your paintings are fantastic

I like your style too!

WOW!! I have just had a quick look through some of your work and it is outstanding to say the least, I am hopeless when it comes to portraits how have I missed out on your work it’s so accomplished. I like this one the best with the way you have done your hair and if I may say so very pretty. I bet you get a lot of commissions, if you don’t then there is something wrong! William.

You have a fantastic set of portraits! :)

To join the chorus of praise, I think your portraits are fantastically good, Heather. You capture the personalities' characters very well.

Like it a lot. Skin & hair colour look very good.

Your portraits are incredible Heather. I agree about photographing a picture, it seems to smooth everything out and you lose the subtle tones.


I love this Portrait you look great.....

Wow! amazing hair Heather, very impressive for a beginner thanks for sharing them.

Your comment "3.5 years" must be many more ! as after seeing the quality of your work, i don't think you are a beginner at all. This self portrait is really great and the representation of your hairstyle, simply incredible.

You Do Portraits really well....

love this very lifelike and detailed

Great painting!

Love seeing portraits by other artists, and this one is terrific. I'm amazed at the fine hairs, done with acrylic! But I do agree with your point about skin tones and camera. Without fail I'm disappointed when I look at my photographs here on display, and the painting in real life.

nothing anyone can teach you about light, colour, tonal appreciation, skill with the medium, in fact...There's nothing you need to learn. Beautifully rendered.

Hang on Studio Wall

First go at a self portrait acrylic on board - the skin tones are better in real life, it's the camera again!

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