My son's art

matt's own painting

You could read so much in this artwork, fantastic work from your son Heather.

Yes it does have real impact Heather. Did you son maintain his interest in art?

Such energy! The dynamic in the brush strokes is superb!! Please pass on my comments to your son.

A chip off the old block eh?!

Superb painting Heather, he’s a gifted chap.

It's a lovely painting

Lovely. He’s painted the hands really well.

It does pack a punch, Heather. Did he continue with his art?

Thanks everyone - have passed the comments on - sadly, he doesn't pick up a brush or anything these days which I'm trying to encourage him to do.

I love the simplicity of this yet it speaks a thousand words. Good to see art runs in the family Heather.

Wonderful work which is very illustrative and full of expression Heather. What a shame he hasn’t continued painting but hopefully he will later in life.

He seems to have your gift Heather, perhaps get him a sketch book and a range of pencils , then take him out sketching!!! He might just get the bug!!!

I do hope he continues with his art - this is good.

This is so Good Heather, brilliant work

This is so good Heather. Lots of movement and the hands are very well done too.

I agree. It definitely packs a punch. Dynamic.

He has great talent. I hope he has pursued an artistic journey.

This is exceptional painting from your son Heather, he certainly shows talent and yes, he deserves all credit! I think he may start painting again as one can tell he tackled this painting with much precision, mark my words this is excellent work indeed! Please pass on my congratulations to him!

Wow- you both have so much talent

This is wonderful. I'm sure your son will return to art some time.

Thats a great picture, love the composition.

great work. Your son, has inherited your talent.

Brilliantly painted, love this Heather.

It’s lovely, the fingers are so realistic, it has impact Heather.

Love this work outstanding.....

Very nice. Looking at doing some portraits in watercolour.

Absolutely superb work! I love the light, the brush work and colours. Perfection!


Wow it is fantastic, Matt certainly takes after you.

What a beauty Heather keep at him

I love the energy and looseness in this, he really must keep painting.

Fabulous - so much energy in the brush strokes, and the child is just delightful.

Wonderful skin tone - and a stroke of genius with the background - knowing when to leave something alone - simplicity is underrated.

Very powerful and emotional piece

Very expressive and hope Matt still paints.

What a talent you both have! This is brilliant. I admire the ability you both have for portraiture!

This is so real in emotion

this is brilliant Heather!


Hang on Studio Wall

Not my painting but this is my son Matt's painting he did over 17 years ago using Corel draw. I thought I'd share because it packs a punch I think.

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