Harman Bains


Harman Bains The work of Harman Bains captures the human spirit and its vulnerabilities. Working primarily in oils, she intends to illustrate the crux of the subject matter in a very simplistic and effortless manner. "A Face is a mirror and reflects the inner self of an individual without uttering a word. I want to depict all the complexities and various emotions on my canvas. lt's just being present in that very moment and capture the essence of this amazing human mind", she says. Harman is a self taught artist. She studied commerce and worked in the financial industry in United Kingdom for many years. She has been following her passion for art for the past seven years working full time. Harman has exhibited her work with Aura Planet in India and is focused on showcasing her artwork in India and other places in the near future. Website: www.harmanbainsfineart.com Instagram: @harmanbainsfineart Twitter: @harmanbainsart