My son Matt

My son Matt

Gosh Heather, you are so good at portrait painting. This is wonderful , what a handsome son you have.

Another wow painting Heather. Love your gallery.

Lovely portrait Heather.


Thank you everyone - am such a novice at all of this so every comment much appreciated

Good draw and painting . Portrait is very difficult to realise !

what an amazing skill you have!! gorgeous painting!!

Hi Heather; he's a very good-looking chap; beautifully portrayed and shares a name with our own son! Love and God bless, Andy xx

Hi, I like all your work but this stood out, i am a sucker for contrasting backgrounds and i like the way you painted facial stubble and close cropped hair around ears etc.

I have to agree with the other artists, you have an aptitude for portraits. I agree with you about the mouth, a point made by JS Sargent," a portrait being a picture of a face where something is not quite right about the mouth". May I ask if these are from photographs or life. If the former then I would encourage you to home your skills directly from the model. Great work. Thank you too for your comments on my recent stillife.

Your portraits are fantastic Heather it is such a difficult discipline. You have a great future in art.

Yes another great piece Heather

Handsome portrait. Much skill Heather to capture the likeness.

lovely portrait you've captured the light really well

I've looked at this closely, i mean real close, and i've got say i think it's truly superb! a good looking young man, a well executed portrait, (i had to laugh at bouffant, my Son's would be the same)

Hang on Studio Wall

I've updated this by giving it a tighter crop which I think it looks better for it (views?), less bouffant hair (which he didn't like!) and then varnished. Flesh tones still aren't good on camera (not to self get better camera!)

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