Bryan Langdon



Over the years I have dabbled in watercolor. Then one night after the clocks altered, I decided that I was not going to waste the dark evenings by eating & nodding off in front of the TV. I purchased a cheap box set of art essentials & had a go. The internet is a great source for learning & I love a challenge. I am now well & truly hooked, painting all subjects mainly now in oils. Over the last few years, My main love is Landscapes & I have attempted a few Studies from the Masters in Portraits, which I will share at some point. Now in the Autumn of my years, my only regret is that I should have followed this passion many moons ago. I am still working during the day & can't wait to get home for an art session.Now I am enjoying other talented artists & most of all learning from the tips & comments so freely given. Finally Thanks to all for visiting my profile......Best Regards...Bryan