Keith Dixon Living near the Swiss Pre-Alps and Lakeland, as I do, provides me with many alpine subjects to paint. I paint outside as well as in the studio in oils, soft pastels, acrylics and dry media. Born on the E.Coast of N.England, I miss the ocean. This may be why many of my paintings are of water. If I am not visiting my beloved Cornwall I often use my canoe on the lakes and rivers of Europe, to find unusual vantage points or, combine my mountain trecks with painting lonely peaks. I enjoy portraiture and find still-life a wonderful subject for experimentation. Painting can be a hard master but never ceases to be enjoyable. I am an unashamedly representational/ figurative painter and as such often find myself "outnumbered" when exhibiting in Switzerland where abstract and ornimental art holds sway-at least in my experience. I try to practice as much as I can and consider myself very lucky to be able to pursue this special way of seeing the world around me. Feel free to contact me at Email: [email protected]