zeb 1a

He looks rather wonderful and very intelligent Heather! I would also be pleased with that, quite a tricky coat I imagine?

It is a good one Heather, like the fluffy coat.

I think it's fabulous Heather, what a grand looking fellow he is too. I like the subtle light on his fur .

Beautiful Heather, really well painted.

A beautiful looking lad, and great that you rescued him. You've done him proud .

Very impressive painting.

Fabulous pet portrait, Heather - you should certainly be proud of this excellent painting. The fur is amazing.

Great pet portrait Heather. Oozes inquisitive intelligence.

Absolutely gorgeous!

You've done him justice I'm sure ! He looks beautiful and he must be such a character. Love his name too !

That is superb Heather. Love how you have captured his "handsomeness"!

It’s a gorgeous painting of Zeb Heather. The details within his fur are lovely as is his stare!

A beautiful looking cat and a beautiful painting of him .

Superb Heather. Well done.

Superb portrait of a lovely looking cat. I'm a doggy person really but if I had a cat I'd like one like Zebedee!

Pet portraiture at it's best - well done.

A glorious painting Heather. He seems poised to move, and the light is painted beautifully.

This is top class Heather - as soon as I saw it I thought that. The light is superb and he looks a wonderful cat.

I think it's astonishing, Heather; I really thought this was a clever photo; quite superb!! Much love, peace and God bless, Andy 🙂❤️🙏

Ps I like the diffused background, too.

This is a beauty Carole - and such a gorgeous cat..

Stunning portrait Heather of a beautiful cat.

Fantastic painting, Heather, really excellent, well done.

Love him Heather!!

Wow incredible what a beauty 😍 lovely painting 🖼

Oh He's stunning! Beautifully painted Heather.

Absolutely incredible, Heather. A beautiful portrait of zebedee

This is superb Heather. He looks so real as if he could just jump straight out of your painting! You’ve painted his fur and eyes brilliantly.

Wow - love the lighting - you’ve really captured his personality. His fur looks like velvet.

Very nice Heather. Well Done.

Excellent painting Heather, well done

This is a beauty of a painting its superb

Absolutely stunning control of the light and shadows. Wonderful painting.

Such an incredible, impressive, stunning, lively painting, Heather! Fabulous!!!

This is fabulous!! Great sense of light and personality 👍🏼

Just brilliant Heather.

Absolutely stunning, great job Heather.

Fab painting Heather, details are amazing .

He is a beauty, you have captured him perfectly. He looks a real character.

Wonderful painting Heather, fabulous detail and the light is superb.

Happy Kitty .

Brilliant depth to his coat, superb Heather

Very impressive Heather. The muted background enhances a very striking Zebedee. Well done.

There is so much skill in this fabulous painting Heather. I keep finding aspects to admire.

Brilliantly captured lighting and hazy background brings out the depth really well. A cracker!

Don’t know how I missed Zebedee Heather but he’s beautiful. That intent look in the eyes, wonderful markings and whiskers ! Well painted.

Zebedee looks a lively fella, you have captured him spot on Heather. Brilliant.

Love the nobility of his character you’ve portrayed, the fuzzy background and treatment of light Heather.

Beautiful cat portrait Heather, great composition

Excellent, very well done 👏

Posted by Jim Ross on Fri 15 Apr 15:27:18

Superb a wonderful painting, love the light

52 comments. Wow. Your work is popular! The cat is well portrayed.

Stunning superb as always

Wonderfull painting heather. great job.

Love your paintings Heather, tired to reply to your message but the site won't let me..

love it Heather, very majestic!

Love it , tigeress features in the cat the background really works well . Great job 👍

Just spotted this - it's a wonderful painting, Heather!

wonderful portrait

Wow! You do a brilliant work, Heather.

Posted by Olga D. on Mon 09 May 18:06:37

This is such a captivating portrait. I love the posture and expression you've captured.

Love this artwork a Beautiful Animal outstanding work.

You've really captured his personality!

Heather I have a feeling this cat is getting ready to pounce. Congratulations

Beautiful painting Heather, the details on the fur are incredible.

wow, love it, brilliant

Posted by Roy Cole on Wed 29 Jun 12:06:36
Hang on Studio Wall

Oil, slightly larger than A3. Zeb is our rescue Savannah cat. He is a huge character with amazingly long back legs which means he can leap and jump a huge distance (hence the name). I'm pleased with the outcome, think it's one of my better ones, hope you like it too.

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