Lord Santos

The Author - The Four in One


Born: 2 February 1962 (age 60 years), Lisboa – Portugal. Heteronyms: Kamarro, Quatro em Um, 4in1, Jorge dos Santos, Dr. Costados, George Saints, Paulo Monteiro, The Watcher, Eng. Paulo Santos, AngelOfTheDark, Helena Cassilda, and Lord Santos more recently. A few more have been used during my quite long career as an artist, specially as a writer and designer. Artist since the age of 12, mainly as a Writer. Student, Professional, and Teacher for: Classic Arts, Art & Design, Typography and derivative Printing Systems, Software and Hardware Creation, Programming, A.I. Investigation and Development, Computer Systems Engineering, Psychiatry (unfinished). Writer, Sculptor, Painter, Modeller, Designer, Copywriter, Artistic Director, Tech Manager Director, SEO, Researcher and Vice-President of an Exotic Animals Research and Investigation Center. Now: Retired, Disabled, Moved to England in 2013. Spending most time learning new techniques, mainly in Arts, but also in Electronics, Computing, Boardgames development and Survival Techniques (inclusive for my own life). Body on 60s, Mind on 20s. Good humour, very active for a 34% working heart and troubled brain.