Jim Morris

our Lady2


I've reached 83 (84 in September ) years young and love to paint and draw. Watercolours are my preference used also with line and wash. I paint or sketch something most days of whatever takes my fancy. Glad to have found this site. I don't feel I have a set painting style but I tend to go for impressionism rather than photographic art. I'll add that I'm an avid reader and that my three favourite and ever present books are The Bible, The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and The Complete Novels of Jane Austen. That may surprise some..(-: I'll also add my mission statement which is just a personal view: I don't particularly like photographic art because the nearer you get to painting anything exactly, the less it is your own. Why just exactly reproduce anything when a camera can do that perfectly? I do versions of everything I draw or paint, but they have to be mine. hope this comes across in my work. In short, I just draw and paint pictures....(-: