Katie's horse


This is beautifully painted Heather.

Heather- this is amazing! So well painted

Fantastic. So well painted.

It is a very fine piece of work, a masterpiece, Heather.

Very very good, so realistic.

A terrific painting, Heather - I'm sure your friend will be delighted with it... it doesn't look overworked to me.

Amazing Heather, such a stunning horse with deep gentle eyes. Very sad story.

Absolutely beautiful Heather ,really well painted

A beautiful tribute to a beautiful horse Heather.

Beautiful Heather!

This is a beautiful horse portrait Heather! The person you painted it for must be delighted with it.

Superb painting Heather. The detail on the bridle is really good. A lovely tribute.

Excellent work.

Aww so beautiful. I remember you saying you was painting a horse and here is the beauty. Lovely 🥰very clever and talented

Stunning portrait Heather and a sad story. You’ve painted the soft velvety muzzle beautifully.

If horses aren't your forte, it certainly doesn't show. Your care with this portrait is clear to see. It's a lovely painting.

So beautiful so well painted

Beautiful Horse Heather...

How very beautiful Heather.

Absolutely superbly painted, Heather, especially love the soft muzzle

Fabulous Heather - great painting.

Superb painting.

This is superb, Heather. One of the nicest horse portrait I have seen!

Wow, this is lovely!

Lovely painting heather

Even without knowing the story this portrait touches my heart.

Very sensitive portrait Heather. I can imagine all the mixed emotions when your friend saw this.

What more can I add to the other comments? This is stunning Heather. Stubbs eat your heart out!

What a super horse, Heather.

Great work Heather, well done!

A beautiful painting Heather.

Superb Heather, just superb!

I agree with all that's been said - it's a wonderful painting, Heather!

Beautiful Heather.

Very nice portrait, Heather!

Beautiful Heather 👏👏

it's great, well rendered, not overworked either, bravo.

That’s really beautiful Heather. Lovely velvety mouth.

This is superb Heather. Absolutely fantastic!!

It’s amazing Heather, a lovely portrait.

What an amazing painting.So clever

Absolutely gorgeous painting Heather

Your portraits are amazing Heather and of course this beautiful horse is one of them. You are so good at showing emotion through your paintings.

That’s a fine piece of work, Heather. I love the misty background. Suits the subject very well.

Love it Heather great work.

amazing painting

Striking, stunning, Heather!

What a beautiful portrait and so sensitively painted!

Posted by sue toft on Thu 24 Feb 21:40:15

Beautiful work though a sad story Heather

I love horses and I know how difficult it is to paint them well. Yours is beautifully done. Congratulations!

That's stunning.

WOW !!! Great painting Heather. Well done !!!!!!!

Beautiful work Heather, and i had to comment as the 18th was my birthday,....

I'm not one for animal pictures but I do like this one. Well done Heather. Many thanks for all your comments on my work. We do get some great and varied models. If you are stuck for a portrait/life model do join us on zoom. The group is called Dulwich art group and school. Please don't feel as if you have too but Google the group and see what you think. There are short and long pose (2 weeks) sessions.

A stunning painting Heather

I love this artwork a beautiful horse.....

Sorry a bit late, must have missed your posting. Another great portrait & in particular the detail & shine on the bridle is so real. Sad but a beautiful memory captured so well.

A great painting Heather.

Oh, like your stile. Fantastic.

Posted by Olga D. on Mon 09 May 18:09:16

Again love your artwork......

Wow that’s amazing. Beautiful horse

Hang on Studio Wall

This lovely horse had to be put to sleep when very young. Very sad. It's just over A3 and in oils. I've laboured over this one because it was for someone who worked for us and horses are not my forte and I wanted to get it right if you know what I mean so it's probably a tad overworked. BTW if anyone would like me to do a portrait of some kind for them (free of course) please message me as I've come to an impasse as to what/who to do next!

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