Stephen Kelly


My Father was an artist and I wanted to follow in his footsteps but sadly he died when I was 8 which changed everything. When it was time to earn a living, Uncle Norman said " I'll get you a job Lad" so I became an apprentice photo retoucher, not fine art but a job. The work was intimidating as seemed so skilful and I could not imagine that I would ever be capable of being at all competent. I became self-employed in my 30's and work piled in until the fateful day when a good customer of mine said 'The end is nigh, Photoshop is here'! This proved to be true so not wanting to be glued to a screen, I retired and became a gardener. Healthy but small returns. I paint watercolours mainly which my wife calls "doodles". She makes sure I don't get ahead of myself. Anyway it keeps me out of bother!