Thea at the beach


Amazing hair!! Superb portrait Heather.

What a fantastic portrait, Heather. Love the hair!!!!

You've not posted a painting for ages Heather. I think you've got to be pleased with this one, it's so good. Skin colour and shades and texture of the hair is excellent. Does she like it?

Great to see some of your work Heather. Really like the essence of spontaneity.

Wow, absolutely beautiful, superb hair

I think you have captured that hair beautifully 👍

I like it a lot - very different - wonderful hair, Heather

Great portrait Heather!

Superb Heather, the Thea’s hair especially.

Makes a great and interesting portrait.

Great portrait Heather, amazing hair.

I could not agree you more Heather, yet when we struggle with a portrait one ends up learning. there for we never really fail. You have done a good job.

Superb portrait Heather, the hair is brilliant.

You can feel the wind blowing!! Lovely portrait 🙏

Beautiful portrait Heather xx

Amazing Heather- that hair!!! Really great portrait ✨

I think this brilliantly depicts the usual blustery wind at the coast Heather, and is a sensitive portrait 😊

Am blown away. This is truly superb.

I love the light and her hair is amazing, I think it's a brilliant portrait Heather. It wouldn't surprise me if it became one of your favourites!

Wow such a good portrait!

Great portrait, Heather, I love it.

Take it from a hairdresser that the hair is first class!

Always interesting the read what artists say about a painting. I'm looking at a fine portrait, and the hair gives it a slightly offbeat look. Excellent.

This is beyond words fantastic!

Well done Heather .......... it has all been said already.

What a whirlwind of beautiful hair and a very gentle expression, so appealing Heather.

Heather this is amazing!!

Fabulous Heather, you did a good job of the hair. As soon as I saw it I knew it was yours : )

Brilliant, you gave the very individual style of your great nice room, nicely portrait!

Just amazing Heather, incredible.

Fantastic portrait Heather just love her hair, so well captured.

Wow, this is amazing, Heather.

This is brilliant Heather, so wish i had the skill to do our 9 grandchildren. My wife Liz occasionally paints them. I don`t know if you know Gordon King the Artist and a very good friend. He has done wonderful watercolour portraits of his grandchildren which he makes into a Christmas card every year, so we have seen them growing up over the years.

This painting really stands out!

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments - am really surprised how much you like it. Marjorie - haven't got feedback yet only sent yesterday so am waiting with some trepidation. David, have just googled Gordon King, beautiful work, you must be delighted with your portraits by him.

Absolutely brilliant Heather, so beautifully painted.

👏🏻 Fantastic ❤️

Realistic hair captured the sea breeze perfectly a superb painting framed with delicate pebbles

Soooooo beautiful Heather! I love it!!

Yes Heather, Gordon and his wife are lovely people, we met them while we we both teaching Artists on a Cruise ship and have remained friends ever since. We catch up every Christmas.

Beautiful painting Heather!

That’s fantastic. I love the little shadows under the hair too.

It’s a really original and striking portrait Heather, the hair must have taken ages. Full of admiration!

I like the way her hair is blown about as one feels the blustery air and you painted her portrait well, in reality with the present windy moment. The palette is superb and blends so well with the sand-swept beach and contrasts with her dark jacket, very good indeed! I like the wispy and tangled hair its fine work Heather!

Love this Heather, it’s so imaginative and full of character. The hair is pure joy.

Fantastic work – so full of life Heather. Chapeau!

Love the wild and free windswept hair. Great portrait!

Never seen so many comments. This is quite a superb portrait Heather, given that she probably looks like this.!!

Posted by Bob Ward on Mon 25 Jan 15:08:22

Great painted heather. The hairs are also special. Superb

Wonderful work Heather! Well done :-)

Very good - the portrayal of the hair is wonderful

Totally excellent Heather and beautifully worked

love this Heather!

I think it is so beautiful Heather, the hair is fantastic!

Wonderful expressive portrait Heather!....

I'm loving your style, great painting 😊

So well observed and the girl’s face speaks wonders for the pleasure to be found in a breezy day on the beach. Your talent shines through. When I look at it the word word ‘envious’ comes to mind.

Wow, Heather!! Amazing textures and a great portrait. One of your best. Glad you’ve got your Mojo back.

Beautifully painted Heather.

It's a really great portrait, Heather!!!

Great portrait Heather, a lovely natural feel to it...and you can taste the salt in the air!

This is a beautiful sensitive painting, love the windswept hair, it really gives the feeling of a day at the beach

My gosh .. your work is outstanding! Standing, applauding and shouting, "BRAVA"!!!!!

Beautiful portrait!

Heather I can't believe you only took up painting so recently, you clearly have a natural talent. This is a gorgeous portrait, that hair is such I can feel it!

This really sings! Love the hair especially - I know how difficult that can be to paint...

A lovely portrait heather, like lots of the other comments I love the hair

What a super portrait and wonderful colours, I die for those curls!

Superb - I love the hair (and the slightly irritated look on her face - probably due to the hair) - Perfection

Fabulous portrait Heather.

Wow, double wow, you just have to be so proud of this portrait.

Amazing work Heather - Really like the development of your painting, getting better all the time.

This is brilliant, soft and strong at the same time....well done.

Gorgeous painting, I really love the way you’ve painted the hair. I can’t believe you’ve only been painting a few years, your paintings are incredible! You are a very talented painter Heather!

You have an amazing gallery Heather; the detail in your paintings is beautiful.

This is brilliant! I love the colour palette and the hair over her face.

Heather you have such a talent I have looked at a lot of your work and I am gobsmacked! Wish I could paint like this. Superb!! 🤩😳

I absolutely love your portraits Heather - I can't believe you've only been painting for such a short amount of time. What an incredible talent you have!

Posted by sue toft on Tue 01 Jun 19:25:27

I love your portraits , they have a lot of life. I’m totally with you on your point about lips making or breaking a likeness .

Really lovely portrait, dear Heather! love and God bless, Andy xx

That is an incredible painting. Brilliant texture.

This is amazing!

I've already said how I am full of respect for Artists who can paint Portraits. You fall firmly into that category Heather. The hair is fantastic and the portrait overall is excellent.

Absolutely gawjus. Stunning. I love everything about this. The tone...facial features...just everything really. Seriously, well done Heather.

Just amazing !!!!

wow, what more can I say

Wow. This is stunning Heather. The hair is amazing. I love it.

Stunning! You have captured a wonderful sense of life and movement in this painting.

Honestly Heather I think this is unique! probably the best portrait i've seen for a good while, your portraits are stunning.

Really captures day at the beach lovely style

This is not a painting, this is a WINDOW! *applause*

That is a particularly beautiful painting. You can really feel the wind blowing.

Congrats on prize. Love the hair.

28 October, 2021 Just received the Leisure Painter magazine and saw that this beautiful portrait had received the Clairefontaine award and quite rightly so. Very many congrats Heather!

beautiful - and congrats on the Leisure Painter appearance, very well deserved.

Great Work. Can feel the wind I the hair

Conveys such freedom. Fantastic hair!

Hang on Studio Wall

Painting of my great niece who is the sister of Isla I painted earlier. Probably the hardest portrait I've tackled as the lighting was awful and the wind made her hair swirl around. It's not my favourite by a long mile but I certainly learnt a lot in the process which is always a good thing. A3 oil on canvas board . Am absolutely delighted that it won the Clairefontaine Award at the 2021 TALP Open competition.

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