Skylar Brown



Professional artist for more than 50 yrs. Retired, but still paint every day. Everything from Canvas to Digital (2D & 3D) BTW, if you, as an artist, find something interesting in one of my images, Feel Free to use it. Just Mention my name. As most of you know, I post mostly "Digital" images created using various painting software. I was in the print and newspaper fields beginning in the early 80's. I was given the job of learning Adobe's first graphics program. I loved it, and have continued exploring that path. In the mid-80's, the newspaper I worked for was the first to go digital. I took classes in computer graphics through C-Net, which is now a site that does appraisals of new software. In 2009, I joined the Beta team of ArtRage as they were developing their version of Corel's paint. (Concurrently,) I have painted mostly in acrylics on canvas, with many commissions, etc. When I retired, I lived in a small house with little room for a studio, and dived into digital painting to satisfy that urge to create. Now, with the advent of AI taking over, I am reverting back to hand painted images.