Paul Kitching


Hello to all fellow artists and for also the very high standard of inspirational art posted within the gallery i love looking through the various works from the beginner to the advanced artists. My Name is Paul a amateur artist from Bulwell Nottingham who uses art as part of my well-being tool box due to mental health , i very really leave the my home and art room again due to severe anxiety and recurring depression but all is not loss due to me picking up a pencil again after 46 years during a long section in hospital and i have never since had a pen or pencil out of my hand drawing painting every day. A lot of my work is monochromatic using various mediums to achieve the results i want , like many others i have self doubt about my art but took the plunge as they say and join painters online and began uploading my art and the positive feed back so far has been really humbling. My main love is portraiture and figurative but also like sketching and painting all natures gifts from wild life pets and particularly birds. Blogging is new to me but i think it will be something related to how art is a great tool for yours and my well-being no matter at what level you are if you can hold a pen,pencil or brush and have a little desire and lots of patience you will produce Art. Regards Paul