Beautifully painted Heather.

Heather it’s a fantastic portrait, please don’t doubt your talent, it’s there in spades. Her smile and eyes light up the canvas and her hair tumbles naturally to frame her beautiful face.

This is wonderful Heather, superbly painted. I'm sure Louise will adore it!

Heather this is lovely, its very hard to make teeth look natural in portraits but you have mastered it perfectly, beautiful work like your sitter!!

Well done Heather. The hair is particularly good.

Wonderful portrait, Heather, not easy with acrylics, you showed great skill in this painting.

Thank you Robert, Fiona, Jacqueline, Russell, Linda, Susan and Cesare - it's always lovely to receive positive feedback.

Beautiful portrait Heather. Love it.

Simply brilliant! Well done. I think you are so skilled at portraits you could do them in oils too. That would surely add another kind of depth and beauty altogether.

Posted by T H on Sat 21 Dec 13:42:27

Not that it isn't already so fabulously painted...he hastened to add!

Posted by T H on Sat 21 Dec 13:46:54

Superb, her face has a glow to it.

This is beautifully done, Heather, I love your portraits.

Thank you Alan, Timothy, Lewis, Jenny & Paul - lovely comments and, yes, Timothy I think Santa is bringing me some oils for Xmas so I shall dive in and see how it goes.

Stunning painting Heather.

Brilliant portrait Heather. I can understand why you might think Louise's hair would pose a challenge but you have mastered it wonderfully.

A beautiful portrait Heather , she just shines out of the canvas. Stunning .

Such a beautiful portrait and a beautifully captured smile. My daughter has hair like that and I’m amazed you’ve painted it so well. I’m sure she will love it Heather!

Fabulous portrait Heather so skilled! Beautiful light and colours.

Lovely portrait, the hair is excellent, very skillfully done.

You can see the personality in the face in this superb portrait.

Oh my goodness, thank you Alan, Margaret, Brian, Elaine, Christine, Dennis, Carole, Roger and Stephen I've been overwhelmed by everyone's lovely comments.

Those eyes draw you in, great painting.

A very well accomplished portrait Heather. I agree with Fiona's comment, “don’t doubt your talent, just keep on using it.”

Magnificent job of her hair and I love the liveliness of her eyes. Teeth are always a struggle but you have achieved a marvellous realistic rendition of both lips and teeth. I just think this is wonderful and the recipient should be absolutely delighted with this.

Thank you Bill, John and Carole

That's really good, Heather

Nice portrait Heather- it's well painted.

Wow what a fabulous portrait Heather

absolutely stunning portrait Heather.

Posted by Bob Ward on Wed 01 Jan 17:18:47

Absolutely stunning. Such an happy portrait, brings a smile to the viewer.

Absolutely fabulous you sure know how it’s done great work

Beautifully painted.!!

Wow, Heather!! Absolutely astounding portrait!! You must have infinite patience!!

Beautiful portrait Heather, done a great job. Love her hair.

Just spotted this Heather - terrific - what skill!

So life like, it shows incredible painting skills. Wonderful.

You have done this one splendidly! She looks like a young Barbara Streisand! Lips, nose, eyes, hair, all just right. You must be very pleased with this picture. She looks as if she could step out of your painting and sit down and share a cup of coffee with you.

WOW ! This is stunning Heather, there’s so much to admire technically here, portraits are hugely tough and jeeze you conquered this, it’s one to be really proud of : )

Heather, great painting and a see your other works , i love it.wunderfull paintings.

Beautiful portrait, the eyes are amazing.

Wow! For a beginner, you are very talented, congratulations on all of your works.

This is a very impressive portrait Heather. The eyes are looking straight at you. I am sure your subject must love it!

Amazing portrait. My gosh, I want to touch her hair.

For someone not painting that long, this is brilliant 👌

She should be very pleased with this portrait ... lots of character painted in here.

Your work captures the light perfectly, enhancing the natural colours

Really like this portrait Heather are all of your portrait's in acrylic ?

You make the eyes look very real. I love how the portrait comes alive. The hair is just lovely, too. Your whole painting is very warm and natural - it seems as if you are looking at the person rather than an art piece.

Heather, it's really fantastic portrait.

Very successful that hair is amazing well done.

This is so brilliant, Heather - her eyes are alive, it's wonderful!

Beautifully done, love it :-)

Umm, I think you have a very, very considerable gift! Hence these comments!

Really caught the essence of the sitter

Beautiful portrait Heather, her eyes draw you in. So clever.

This is so amazing. I see you are particularly good at hair.

Very good work.The treatment of the hair and face , especially the mouth are really well done. Also I like the delicate nuanced background!

Stunning painting Heather!

Hang on Studio Wall

A3 acrylic. This was a difficult subject to paint in many ways … not least her hair! She is the wife of 'Philip' who I painted a year or so back and is a professional artist (Louise Chavannes for anyone interested) so I was nervous about doing this. Hope she likes it! Please ignore brown band at bottom of the portrait as this is the table it was sitting on and not part of the painting.

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