Self portrait quick sketch

heather quick sketch

This is a great painting, Heather. We are always going to be very self critical, on many levels ....

Love it excellent work you have certainly caught the essence of your likenesses with great brush marks for your hair Good job.

A fine confident sketch, Heather.

A very good painting Heather. Lots of energy in it.

Terrific...and in such a short time. Lovely portrait.

Great self portrait done really well.

Great oil sketch in that time.

Very good portrait done in such a short time. The highlights are very effective.

Great, Heather...wonderful expression, just how I imagined you!

A really proficient portrait Heather and so brave to do in mono.

A lovely lively self portrait, Heather.

Fantastic work for such a short time Heather and nice to see what a lovely, elegant lady you are.

This looks pretty good to me Heather especially in the time you had. Construction lines too. That's what I like to see. Well done.

Great sketch with character Heather.

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. I know it's not perfect but shall keep trying to improve my 'quick' sketching.

Nice work Heather.

Very good portrait, Heather.

Putting yourself against the clock has resulted in a lovely loose & fresh style. Love your brush marks Heather,

This portrait exudes warmth which I'm sure you have based on your many posted comments.

Really very very good Heather.

Very clever. I love the energy in it.

I think this is really good Heather, its has a spontaneity as well as a lovely style.

This is great -very fresh and complete.

Excellent painting Heather, it has impact.

Love this, great work.

I like it! Lots of character here Heather!

Wonderful Heather. You are so talented.

Always envious of people who can do portraits , yours are brilliant , so life like

Wow Heather amazing self portrait, those eyes ooze warmth, love the loose brush strokes.

You have posted some lovely portraits, and this for a ‘quickie’ is brilliant! Great expression in the eyes.

Expressive self portrait with character Heather.

Your portraits are stunning Heather. That is one area where i really have problems.

You've captured your mischievous side beautifully ...

What a honey. Painting good too.

Great portrait, very difficult to draw a self portrait, Cheeky eyes!

Beautiful overall, and such a warm look. I like the informal, relaxed feel about it. I think you handled this really well.

Fantastic energy in those strokes and inherent skill. That hair shows confidence. Very nicely done.

Nice work, wish I could paint myself as you have . Your self portrait says a lot for your ability as an artist

This is so good, brave lady. I love your hair and your eyes really capture the attention.

Hang on Studio Wall

Second oil attempt (usually acrylic) at a quick self portrait - done in 1.5 hours to see if I could do it in a very limited time …. hmmm, jury is out!

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