Wow. If this is your first attempt at a dog, you're a natural. Marvelous textures in the fur, and intelligence in those eyes. Great!

This is fabulous Heather. I love the style and it seems so alive.

Great first real attempt with real success under pressure Heather

Forgot to say I'm nothing but an hound dog

Wow Heather, he’s lovely, and so well painted, especially around his nose and below the collar!

Perfect detail. So cute

Wow Heather! Fabulous! The fur is so real and soft, I feel his fur under my fingers. It is a challenge to paint animals, and a dog with the nose straight on, you have done a great job.

Wonderful dog portrait Heather. The eyes, fur and collar are so beautifully painted.

Such a cute Heather.

My first dog when I was seven was a blue roan spaniel just tlke this guy . I loved him to bits...that’s seventy years ago and I still feel a twinge when I see a pic like this. He’s lovely Heather

Thanks everyone for all your lovely comments - means so much to me. I shall keep on painting and trying to improve.

I can’t believe you have created all your works including this one with only 2. 5 year - painting experience!!!

Heather, this is stunning. Great textures, love the eyes and nose.

A brilliant painting Heather, you've done a great job of making a realistic animal portrait. Looking at your other paintings I see you're an excellent portrait artist.

Thanks Carolyn, Yoko and Karen, really appreciate you taking the time and trouble to comment.

You've really captured the endearing characteristics of Bert, Heather. He's a dog waiting to be stroked. Beautifully painted.

Beautiful... so realistic👍👍

Lovely painting Heather first one I've seen of yours very nice.

Wonderful !

Awww i love it :)

I have just seen Bert, He is really amazing. The soulful look in his eyes, the expression on his face,is so real.The fur is so good, wish i could paint like this. DAS.

He is beautiful. His eyes have so much depth

Lovely portrait Heather.. my favourite creatures and you have certainly caught Bert’s expressive face so very well. Lovely painting.

he's a beaut, you've captured a real gentleness in him, beautifully done

Absolutely superb piece of work, Heather. Love your gallery....your work is amazing for a beginner.

What a great painting. You have got a lot of talent and some of your paintings look just like a photo. Keep them coming and thank you for your comment.

Love him Heather his eyes are amazing and his coat is incredibly touchable.

Wish I could paint fur , truly amazing

What a marvelous portrait and what a fantastic painting technique! Congratulations!

Hi Heather...… echoing everything below!! Beautiful

I love this. So detailed. His eyes are fantastic.

I'm extremely flattered that a lady with such high talent, likes some of my paintings. Because this is truly amazing. If I could ever paint a quarter as well as this, I'd be happy. Just incredibe 👌👌👌👌

Those eyes are stunning! As is the rest of the painting, that fur must’ve taken some patience!

A stunning portrait of Bert.

I love it. He looks such a character. His eyes invite you in. Great painting Heather.

Beautiful! Love those eyes!

What a wonderful dog portrait, he is fab. Gill

Amazing. You are a very talented artist. =)

I love Bert.

Marvellous. I know from experience that it's not easy painting black fur in a way that makes it come alive, and you've done it.

What a lovely portrait Heather.

This is a wonderful painting, congratulations! :)

Such life in the eyes and fur texture x

Your portraits are fantastic Heather but this dog has stolen my heart.

Great painting Heather you have a natural talent keep up the great work

You're really very talented Heather! If I may offer a comparison: A dear friend of mine in Vancouver has been an artist for 40+ years, often painting animals, and her talents have earned her significant recognition and considerable commercial success. The 'life' in your painting of Bert is, in my view, on a par with her depictions. And you've only been at it for 3.5 years!!

Inspiring to see your wonderful talent blossom. Your acuity and affinity with your subjects shines through.

Masterful painting

This is amazing Heather especially for a first attempt. I love the expression.

Fantastic painting Heather, really life like!

Oh lovely Bert! What a brilliant capture.

Well done and congratulations Heather on your achievement with Bert 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Beautiful work, Heather! The textures, and Bert’s expressive face is just amazing!

Congratulations on winning the People's Choice award Heather! You are a very talented artist.

Well done Heather in winning the peoples choice award this year with your fantastic picture of Bert.

Congratulations Heather, winner of the people's choice award! I recognised your name as you had kindly commented on my paintings so I'm happy to be able to congratulate you xx

so realistic - and the eyes are so endearing.

It seems real..Is gorgeous! The eyes are so real!

Hang on Studio Wall

Bert is my first 'proper' attempt at a dog. Not mine but a friend's dog so was very cautious about accepting the task. He's got a smile like Elvis - i.e. lopsided! Have to say it was an interesting experiment but I definitely prefer painting human portraits! The size is approx A3 and it's acrylics. Am also delighted that it's been selected for the full on line exhibition at Patchings Talp Open 2020 in the Leisure Painter category.

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