My lovely great niece

isla finished

This is fabulous Heather, so pleased you’ve got your mojo back! I especially love the hair and fur on this painting

Beautiful sensitive portrait Heather.

This is stunning, Heather. Beautifully executed portrait!

Well Heather - you’ve certainly found your mojo again. A lovely face and backward glance. Her hair is wonderfully painted - as is her coat.

Heather - this is stunning - really beautifully captured especially that fur!!

This is a wonderful portrait of your lovely niece Heather.

A beautiful portrait Heather. Love the translucency of her skin and that lovely shy smile. A real stunner.

Wonderfull painting really beautifull Heather.

I can see now why you're so nice Heather; it obviously runs in the family. Lovely catch of your niece. Brilliant.

This absolutely brilliant, Heather; full of life and painted with evident love; peace & love; God bless,Andy🙂❤️x

Superb portrait Heather, love the wispy hair and flesh tones.👍😁

Beautifully done Heather, also the fur on her hood is excellent.

Wow Heather, this is really fabulous, love the colours, you are so talented, such skill.

A wonderful portrait Heather.

Stunning portrait Heather.

really beautifull painting Heather. Love the colour palette.

Gorgeous - I don't think it needs any tinkering.

A delightful portrait Heather. Well done!

Such a beautiful portrait Heather. Great fur and hair. I would say you’ve definitely got your mojo back.

It is a terrific portrait, Heather - everything about it - love that green of the coat and varying shades at the back - her face is beautifully painted and the fur is perfect. I’d be so pleased with that, Heather

Beautiful portrait, Heather, love the blend of colours.

Lovely portrait Heather

Wonderful portrait Heather, I love the fur collar and her hair too. Gill

Beautifully painted along with the textures of the cloths Heather.

Thanks everyone for your super comments today!

Omg Heather this is purely amazing!!!

Very nice Heather, lovely portrait.

How about this for realism. I almost feel on the presence of this young lady.


Posted by Jim Ross on Sat 15 Aug 19:20:33

Beautiful portrait Heather.

Worth waiting for...excellent! You are so good at this. The hair is amazing!

Heather, I’ve said it before and it’s worth saying again. You’re textures aren’t just superb. What a fantastic portrait. Definitely worth waiting for 👍👍👍

Hello Heather. thanks for your kind words. I love your work I am a big fan on your portraits. I like this new painting of the young lady outstanding.

Everything about this portrait is right and it is stunning.

Beautiful !!!

This is fabulous Heather, I would be more than happy with this, don't tinker with it!!

Wow, Heather! A superb portrait!

Truly very very good. From the face to the fur and the hair !

Superb painting Heather.

What a superb portrait Heather!!

absolutely stunning portrait Heather.

Posted by Bob Ward on Mon 17 Aug 09:41:49

Everything about your portrait is beautiful Heather.

Goodness Heather. You never fail to astound. What a superb portrait and AGAIN, the hair is for me, the thing that always stands out. Juts beautiful.

What a lovely and excellent refreshing portrait I can feel the chill of the day. absolutely wonderful piece of artwork Heather.

beautiful portrait x

I don't know how this passed me by Heather. Just spotted it on FB. Brilliant portrait, understated with the palette but a lovely personality coming through. I remember your earlier version.

So clever to get hair and fur so well. Can be very tricky. Well done!

Absolutely stunning Heather, lovely skin tones, beautifully done hair and feathers, love it

That's a lovely bit of painting there! I love the variety of textures.

Great textures Heather, especially on the coat. A beautifully captured portrait.

Beautiful capture of the light and expression. The hair is very delicately rendered. Simple but effective.

I thought it was a photograph at first, outstanding!

First time I have seen your work Heather , great draughtsmanship. Well done.

This beautiful Heather! The details are amazing


Stunningly beautiful portrait Heather

What can I say? Everybody has said it!

This is a really well painted piece Heather , portraits are not the easiest of subjects to paint but you have so many ones I like after looking through some of your art gallery .

What a stunning portrait. Love the composition and expression on her face.

Wonderful portrait!

When you are ready Heather there is much more brilliant work in the pipeline from you that's for sure

Wonderful portrait Heather. I love portraiture, this is stunning.

Fantastic portrait,what talent.

I just stumbled upon this. It's obvious that you love your niece, Heather. Hopefully you have Covid behind you - stay healthy and continue to enjoy painting. Regards David

Just come across your portraits = I'm impressed

that's just incredible - absolutely perfect!

This is beautiful so much emotion

This is wonderful. The texture in that hood! Fantastic.

Great portrait and I love the sketch too.

Don't kidding. You are not a beginner. The girl's skin and fur are perfect.

Lovely work Heather and have a lovely Christmas

So sorry Heather as I have been trying to find your latest work and I must say although it’s not my thing portraits but you are so skilful and this is particularly beautiful, I certainly could not come anywhere near this! I am shocked at how good you are but my problems is I just look for landscapes and I dont get an awful lot of time as I am trying to look after myself and my wife who is getting worse, but I do feel guilty as people leave lovely comments and I just don’t get round to looking at there work. I think you have such a talent and I wouldn’t think twice for asking for a commission! ❤️

Gentle.yet her eyes are full of energy. Beautiful portrait.

Hair and jacket fur...just wonderful. I think having the black background is a great idea...noticed it in some of your others...give you the opportunity to play with the outline...nice tip for me to try....

Your Portrait Work Is Really Good Heather.....

A beautiful portrait. I like her smile and colour tone.

Really great work Heather.

Wow, fantastic, Heather.

Love the delicacy. superb.

This is fantastic, I feel that I could just reach out and touch the fur on that hood.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is my first painting since Covid struck as completely lost my mojo. Painted in oils it's slightly larger than A3. She has a super face to paint and I was keen to capture her stunning skin and eyes keeping the focus on her face rather than what she's wearing. I may still tinker around with it but wanted to post it as it stands now.

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