robert hughes


I was born in Wales and still live here, I have been drawing and painting since an early age now in my early sixties i am semi retired and still don't seem to have the time for all the projects i would like to complete and or the techniques I would like to master ....however I continue to strive to produce work that may not Please everyone but on a personal note pleases Me I am My own severest critic but even after all these years the thrill of producing an image is as satisfying as ever I have periods where I'm unable to draw or paint anything but suddenly the feeling comes back and off I go again I can often return to a piece years later and finally finish it I make it a rule never to add My signature unless I'm truly happy with the work ...although its not foolproof I prefer abstract art but can if in the mood do other things the main thing I believe for any artist is to enjoy the process I have produce over 3000 drawings on a site called under the name RJH I found this an invaluable tool just to keep my hand in I also design and sell cards and various gifts via the Zazzle website under the name RJHARTWORKDESIGN Thankyou all for reading My profile good luck to You with all Your work