June Cunningham


After careers first as a nurse, then working within the voluntary sector managing health and social care packages, I am now devoting my time to a third career as an artist! This amazes me everyday and I feel very happy. Life took me down an unexpected path and by being open, I found new opportunities and blessings just around the corner. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would turn 50 and become an artist, but here I am! So now I spend huge amounts of time turning new dreams into reality! I paint every day and often lose all track of time. It's wonderful and amazing to be able to see landscapes, portraits or animals emerging at the end of a paint brush! Finally, I also became a gran at the age of 50; what can I say, it was an incredible year. I can visit and babysit my granddaughter, the most beautiful work of art ever, whenever I want or am needed. I am blessed 🥰