Old Man with Beard


That is very good indeed, Alan. More than happy to be bored with all of them!!

Very characterful and beautifully drawn.

Excellent sketch Alan.

A cracking sketch Alan.

Really good, keep them coming!

Grumpy Really good Love it

I love this Alan, brilliant sketch.

Gob smacking...maestro

Thanks guys, much appreciated as always!

Love it Alan. It's beautiful.

This is really superb, Alan. Your range of marks, lines and scribbles add so much life to the painting. A truly stunning piece!

Great sketch

Beautiful Sketch 😍

Wonderful Alan, I love the marks made and the rich reds - it’s gorgeous!

Absolutely brilliant Alan! He looks as if he is going to move at any moment.

Just superb Alan.

Impossible to be bored by such energetic, interesting sketches. Just love the marks and the contemplative pose of the old man.

Interesting study Alan.

Very good, I like this.

I can see the Rembrandt influence, lovely work. I am sure he would be pleased that artists are still inspired by his work.

Lively marks and colours definitely reminiscent of the Master

Impressive work, Alan! I'd like to see all!

Gosh is it me or could this be the work of Leonardo or Rembrandt?! Maybe it's the paper and colouring, or the loose, quick but descriptive style. Super work Alan!

Masterful and inspiring.

Wow, brilliant

This is superb Alan - touch of the ‘Old Masters’ about it.

Brilliant - I am in awe!!

Brilliant. I thought Rembrant before reading your caption - great gestural lines.

Absolutely love this style Alan. You’re so versatile which in my opinion makes a great artist

Hang on Studio Wall

Pen and ink with wash, sanguine and black Conte chalk etc, on Two Rivers A4 paper. Typical Rembrandt style of pen drawing and subject matter! One of around a dozen examples that I did a few weeks ago… I’ll post a couple more in due course! I won’t bore you with all of them…

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Having studied fine art and graphics at both Stafford and Derby college, my career working as a graphic artist and latterly as editorial artist with Northcliffe Media Ltd, has kept me constantly in touch with all aspects of art and design. Painting mainly in oils, acrylics and watercolour, my…

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