Haha brilliant Fiona. Love it. Very clever great drawing. Like the way the pumpkin stands out too. Happy Halloween 🎃

Wow, that's a fantastic detailed drawing Fiona and I love the spider on her head.

Wowee Fiona (and loved your narrative too!)

Fantastic drawing Fiona!

Wow - amazing drawing, Fiona and like your story too!!

A fantastic drawing. What a charmer!

I can’t help myself but get a bit silly at this time of year! Lol. I may feel as old as the gorgeous gal above sometimes but there is still a hint of a child inside. I think I may have invented a new fruit too….I can’t make my mind up if it’s a ‘Applkin’ or a ‘Pumpple’. Thank you for enjoying the joke….Faye, Denise, Heather, Manoj and Anne.

Haha…not a patch on your wonderful crones Lewis……thank you.

Absolutely superb!! Love the way the pumpkin stands out!

Haha Fiona, what a fantastic selfie!!!

Think you need a decent moisturiser as well for dry skin probably :) Fabulous drawing by the way!!!

Absolutely brilliant Fiona, superb drawing , your such a talented lady. Love all the little details, I don’t think a part of us ever grows up,

LOL. Lovely one Fiona, perfect for Halloween 🎃

You can’t beat a good self portrait! Great job Fiona…

Fiona I told you not to use that photo I sent you!🥴 great drawing though!!👍

Incredible Fiona. You certainly know how to get attention. I have to admit my first reaction was OOH followed by a laugh out loud which frightened the life out of the cat. It's brilliant.

LOL.. Fiona love it, glad no one harmed.

Great scary drawing, Fiona - love the little detail of the spider on her head!

Love your gorgeous self portrait 😃

So good Fiona and very clever, I am terrified!

My thanks to you David, Mia, Louise….I was thinking of trying out that new product by boots, the tinted polyfilla….. Paul, David, Alan, William, Stevan, Carol…..apologies to Squirt…. Lesley, Jenny, Romila, Christine sorry about that….lol. I hope it gave you a giggle, thanks very much everyone. 🎃

Michael, I’m hurt….I do improve with a smudge of lipstick! Lol. Thank you very much Michael x

I am going to escape Halloween. At the witching hour, I am going to reset my clocks to GMT! Cracking drawing Fiona. Clever idea with the pumpkin. Makes it! If you celebrate Halloween, have a good one!

Wow, that’s terrific - very scary.

Great drawing Fiona with the mini pumpkin.

Shivers Fiona. I can see how much you have enjoyed creating this one …

Good one, Fiona...we could always fly together on our broomsticks!

Excellent Fiona, great accompanying story and the pumpkin is also very good in co!our.

A good moisturiser would be better. The filla might crack if/when you smile I think :)

Great drawing Fiona, I just might take a copy to hang on my door to dissuade any mischief from unwelcome little imps.

That's amazing tonal work, Fiona! And the orange pumpkin against the monochromatic background is really effective.

Wow. You always deliver these fantastic scary halloween works

John, Maureen, Dympna, Sylvia, Thalia, Richard, Louise….I don’t smile very much , a grimace perhaps with a little effort….lol. Brian and Seok …..thank you all very much for your comments. If you are playing out tonight, be careful kiddies. 🎃👻

Thanks Gudrun, I enjoy doing this kind of thing!

Thank you Russell….lol.

Absolutely fabulous!! Gave me a smile ...reminds me of my morning look

Anne, thank you. I sometimes don’t recognise the the person looking back at me! Lol.

This is superb Fiona and really showcases how skilled and versatile you are as well as having a marvellous sense of humour x : )

Brilliant and funny Fiona.

Fiona this is sooooo good! Excellent drawing!

Diane you are very generous with your praise, I’m not sure I deserve it but thank you very much. Shaun, Carole, glad you like it, thanks very much.

Fantastic Fiona, absolutely fantastic!

Lol….thanks Carrie, glad you like it.

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A4 graphite drawing and watercolour pencil. Now, I like to have a wee joke with the kiddywinks at Halloween, so I took a selfie this morning before putting on my mascara and lippy. I did a trial run on a few unsuspecting darlings and it seemed to have the desired effect! Cackle……cackle… little ones were harmed in this trial, not physically anyway. Happy Halloween! 🎃👻 Taken from a Google image.

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