Stevan Petrovic


I was born in Wakefield West Yorkshire and lived in that area most of my life. I moved over the border in to Lancashire (only just) in 2011. My family and my job have been priorities but I have managed to draw and paint since I was a child. For a short period I was the Chairman of Wakefield art club and a member of a group called Gallery arts. During that time I entered paintings in local exhibitions. My work seemed to be well received and I sold a few pieces. I work mainly in water colour but I am not against using any medium to achieve what I want, though I couldnt describe myself as a mixed media artist. I am heavily influenced by John Blockley, Michael Morgan and Kurt Jackson. All of whome paint or painted remote areas of our beautiful and diverse landscape. Within their paintings creating texture is a central element. The area I now live in is on the western side of the pennines and just a few miles from the Yorkshire dales so Ive got lots of inspiration locally but I love our country and enjoy seeking out inspiration across the length and breadth of our very diverse landscape. I now have a studio to work in and hope over time to develop my art by painting more. I havent exhibited for over four years which is why I use painters online to give me an outlet and to try to get feedback on what Im doing.