For Satu

For Satu

Lovely, sensitive ing drawing Fiona. By coincidence I've been thinking of doing an ink drawing, must have a go!

Absolutely stunning in its simplicity, Fiona! Both are good, but I think I prefer this one. Minimum fuss, maximum impact!

Agree and you always embedded them with so much life and naturalness

Serenely beautiful. Can I say that?

The great simplicity and grace make a fantastic work of art! Thank you Fiona!!

A smashing drawing and study Fiona. Yes Stephen, must getthe inks out again.

I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but if I set out to do something in particular, I'm invariably disappointed with the outcome. Where as, if I ad lib with no plan, I'm happier with the result! Thank you very much everyone once again for your lovely comments. Stephen get the inks out, and Satu you are very welcome!

Super little piece - something I like doing with a twig rather than a pen.

I really liked the pen and wash version but I think this one is my favourite.

Michael, I love your twiggy sketches, it must be about time you did one!? Thanks very much for your comment. I'm with you Christine, I prefer this one....thank you.

I like them both equally, Fiona, They each have their own merit. Delightful little sketches!

Thank you very much Lionel, glad you like them.

A very good ink sketch here Fiona!

Thanks Louise!

Thank you Gudrun.....I love your portraits!

Hang on Studio Wall

Indian ink applied with dip pen and stick. Apologies for the greyness of the paper, not good light for photo's today and my scanner is being awkward. I think I prefer the lack of background Satu but I think the lines of the other one are less 'stiff'? Took about 10 minutes. PS It's a little sharper enlarged.

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