Jean-Pierre Walter


From his discovery of Lubin Baugin in his childhood to the more adult ones of Chardin, Louyse Moillon, Sébastien Stoskopff or the Flemish and Dutch masters, Jean-Pierre Walter knew how to keep this touch of classicism through the chiaroscuro work that he particularly fond of. Painter of reality, he strives through ever more complex compositions to share the beauty of everyday objects, savoring the work of transparency of glass or reflection with silverware, thus playing on anamorphoses and other symbolist values. Along with the hedonistic aspect of the still life which celebrates life, he appreciates the epicurean asceticism that the work of "Vanity" allows him and regularly shares a few compositions saluting the masters of Trompe-l'oeil such as Cadiou, Pierre Gilou and so many others. Particularly appreciating this expression of "silent nature" in a world that has become outrageously noisy for his taste, he likes to prepare himself, quietly, his supports by laying linen canvas on wooden panels to then coat them and sand them before putting down a precise drawing to start the grisaille work, the application of thin layers of paint also called "glazes" then being carried out while respecting long drying times. Exhibited only once in South London, this artist nonetheless enjoys international fame since 2300 of his paintings are present in 39 countries. Jean-Pierre is represented online by SINGULART.