Heidi Clawson


After studying at art college and an honours degree in textiles, I freelanced for card and greeting card companies for a number of years, followed by a textile design studio job where I honed my colour mixing skills. Started my own business launched at Country Living Fairs (ran the business with my husband for 15 years) Although I love the design side of my work, I have recently rekindled my love of painting and I am now working as a full time artist! Currently working on a series of paintings using pastels, acrylic, pen and ink and other mixed media techniques. Favourite artists include John Piper, John Lovett, Blythe Scott, Liz Brizzi and Rob Wilson (to name but a few!) I love art history, life drawing, photography, old buildings and the coast. I currently live in Lincolnshire with my husband and 2 sons, a slightly odd cat called Betty and 4 lovely rabbits!