Flooded Pool


This is lovely Fiona, I liked the ink drawing too.

Absolutely brilliant Fiona, the colours are great the water looks a bit icy.

Lovely - wish our pond was a bit more full.

Yes Fiona, this has turned out rather well. Super colours also!

This has a feeling of a magical place Fiona, lovely!

I love the misty feel Fiona, the light touch the suggestion of mist with the pale blue sky and the skeletal trees smack of cold winter days. Isnt art wonderfull when it can draw your mind to a feeling or a memory.

One or two have mentioned cold and ice and the starkness of the trees and I wondered when I did the initial sketch....I should date them. I do a monthly WALRAG and rain gauge reading for the Scottish Wildlife Trust. These are water level gauges which are set on and around the periphery of the Moss, which is an ancient peat bog.....so I have a date! March the fourth, no wonder the sketch was a bit scribbly. Thank you for your kind remarks....Katy, Paul, it could have been icy, Val-Irene, Alan, Tessa it is magical, most of the time I have the place all to myself. Stevan, so very true, your art is a fine example of that statement.

Like the misty feel to this Fiona.

Beautiful and very controlled fro you Fiona.

Lovely, Fiona. A beautiful pale blue with touches of sienna fusing into the water. Looks very freely painted - you didn’t get bogged down on this one (excuse the pun). That sharp fence post and wire and scrubby edge to the water gives the painting depth. What a great spot to stand and stare...........

Lovely cold misty effect Fiona, all that is missing is the lonely call of a Moorhen coming through the mist, great work on the trees and reflections nice one. It is a coincidence you say you do rainfall recordings, back in the mists of time I was a local rain fall recorder for the Severn Trent water authority, that was daily, we also had a Stevens screen for temperatures and a sunlight recorder on a plinth, really interesting,

This is beautiful Fiona, you have definitely captured that feeling of quiet and calm with your gentle washes, I feel I am there listening to the birds singing.

This is so good, has a lovely sense of light to it

Lovely, Fiona, looks very peaceful with those soft watery colours. (Must be rewarding to get involved like that with the Wildlife Trust.)

Really looks great, wonderful washes Fiona.

Lovely soft atmosphere to this one Fiona such subtle washes well controlled. Lovely.

Wonderful painting, is there no end to your talent and I think you should stick at it and become professional and teach!

Oh wow that is so beautiful Fiona

Such an atmospheric piece, full of immediacy. Lovely work, Fiona!

Thank you so much everyone for your lovely feedback on this one......I wasn’t very happy with it and I think it’s because I took my time, whereas I normally throw it on....well spotted John, yes controlled. Perhaps I should take my time more often, problem is, it feels lifeless? Thank you again!

Nice bit of mist and shadow on that beauty Fiona. It reminds me of ‘The Treacle Pond’ nearby here, when I was a lad. A mysterious place.

Thank you Gudrun! Mick, I remember renaming a previous painting of mine to Treacle Pond, I think it was in pastels. It’s a great name for a hidden treasure. Thanks very much x

Very mysterious Fiona.

Thank you Marjorie!

Wonderfully atmospheric - great control of tone to give a sense of depth in the mist.

Thank you very much Graham, very kind of you.

Hang on Studio Wall

16”x12” watercolour on Waterford. Painted from the ink sketch I posted yesterday, I’ve changed the format and made a bit of space amongst the trees. There were many more thin sapling sized trees in the area and lots of crossing, twiggy branches. I’ve indicated a few and done a bit of scribbling for the wispy stuff. It was very quite with just the bird song and me......lovely!

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