Heap of Junk

Heap of Junk

A great result Fiona! We did a similar exercise last year and it was very useful for the reasons you mentioned.

Shapes, shadows and tones are great in this Fiona.

Useful exercise Fiona, certainly gets you looking at the subjects shapes. In pastel ? Is there nothing you wont try your hand at ?

Thanks Satu, I hope it's given me a further insight into the concept of working this way. I thought I might grab a handful of items and start off with a fairly represented image of them then keep parring them down, until I've reached the very basic shapes and forms. That should keep me out of mischief for a while! Thank you very much Michael, really appreciate your comment.

Thank you Sharon, the tutors choice of medium not mine, a good one though, as it also free's you up I think....it's paper next week.

Lovely palette!

Beautiful shapes, Fiona. Well done!!

We're doing one of these at the end of the month - good outcome Fiona

It may be a heap of junk, but this certainly isn't. Nicely done, a tricky exercise with a nice variety of shapes.

Very good indeed Fiona and you've made the subject also visually interesting to look at .... impressive

Many thanks everyone for your kind comments.

Good abstract Fiona. If you ever want more junk for a model, my husband has a large collection! ;))

Lovely Fiona. A very good excercise indeed and you certainly have made a brilliant job of it.

Carole, David.....thank you both very much. Carole, I have a small selection of junk myself behind the garage, it's for my garden sculptures....when I get the chance! lol

You have made a good job of this Fiona, very nicely done indeed.

Very well worked out too Fiona. Interesting subject to get the grey matter working.

Thank you very much Margaret and Derek for your comments.

Yes, you have certainly made best use of the shapes. There is a freedom in not having to worry about 'accuracy' as such if that makes any sense. Great colours too and 'shaping'.

That's exactly it Gudrun, thanks very much.

Hang on Studio Wall

A2 pastel. This weeks art class, one or two items chosen by the class from a nearby scrap yard, randomly arranged on a table......now paint. I found this a very useful exercise into abstraction, as most of the items were mainly unidentifiable, I didn't have a preconceived image in my head of what it should look like. So it made me look at shapes and negative shapes instead. Enjoyed this one.

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