Towards the Light


Amazing detail once again Diana.

Wowee, so recognisably yours and so so good.

I immediately recognised this as one of your beauties, Diana. Great work as usual!

Another stunning painting, Diana!

You do these kitchen scenes so well - great watercolour painting, Diana

Wonderfully clever representation of the mundane Diana..You bring it all to life so well.

Thank Stephen I appreciate you taking an interest in my work. Good evening Heather . Thanks for your king comments. Its lovely to have work recognised as your own. Thank you Mia. I do like this rather somber palette. Thank you Cesare. I do think the light plays the part of artist too Hello Maureen. I wish my other rooms had exciting light like the kitchen but none do. Evening Jim. I certainly seem attracted to these subjects. I think its because I pass through it so often and there is wonderful light Thank you Val-Irene. Its actually two photos merged together.

Agree with Heather, recognisably yours - beautifully painted.

Great painting Diana, outstanding skill and technique.

Superbly painted, Diana!

Good morning Russell and thank you for your interest. Good to read. Hello Thalia , lovely to hear from you again. Thank you. Margaret. I really appreciate your ongoing support. It’s all so valuable

Beautifully painted, the metallic look is excellent. Not an easy subject to do ,but you have made it look so good.

Brilliant once again, love the light and the way the pans curve then fade.

You are the diva of kitchen dramas Diane. You observe the beauty of light, shape and structure in these mundane areas and bring them alive.

Thank you Paul. Now a landscape or seascape is hideously difficult for me !! Morning John and thanks. I miss my weekly chart of all things arty. Much appreciated Carole. I love the colours of these subjects.

Another everyday scene made to look special, Diana! I especially like the touch of orange contrasted with the cool blue on the hob.

Amazing theme and composition ! Bravo!

Wonderful, wonderful lighting. How come your not stir crazy?

This has your signature all over it Diana, very few can capture light playing on glass & steel with such perfection. Brilliant.

The light you capture is just awe inspiring.

Thank you Jenny. Yes, that orange is wonderful and Im not sure where it was reflected from. Thank you Janet. That light was a gift! Morning Lea. This is actually two images merged. I’m hoping to try some other angles. Good morning Fred and thank you. I love to be able to do a bit of detailed work then let rip with the water around it. The looser areas are far more difficult. Thank you Brian. I seem to have a relentless opportunity for paintings in my kitchen. The blinds create the most wonderful light shows. Thank you Jennifer. When a subject really excites me to need to paint it ‘now’ , I know I’m going to really enjoy it.

Just gorgeous. I love the beautiful muted colour palette.

Stunning. You've made an ordinary subject into a masterpiece!

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour on Half sheet of Saunders Waterford NOT paper. My kitchen is my inspiration

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