Beautifully painted!

A sad image but beautifully painted Diana

Shame for the bird, but that's nature. Wonderfully well painted, Diana, and great imagination to use what you saw.

This is so beautiful, well done, Diana.

Unique as always well done Diana

So well painted Diana !!

It is very beautiful Diana, beautifully done.

Fascinating collection of shapes and feathers, a bit macabre but very skilfully painted Diana.

Fascinating, I think this is a wonderful, unusual painting.

Different sort of still life! But beautifully portrayed.

I had to scrape one off the garden path, earlier this year. Well depicted!

Lovely painting.

Very sad image but you have painted it so beautifully, Diana.

Beautifully done Diana.

Thank you David. I could see more of the skeleton from other angles but the overall shape wasn’t as appealing Thank you Heather. I was looking at it with a mixture of sadness and fascination Thank you Jim. I did take some photos and may try using some different medium. I looked at it for colour, anatomy and composition Thank you Mia. I thought it had beauty as does so much of nature Hello Tao and many thanks for looking. Thanks Audrey. The colours were beautiful as it was being lit gently woodland light and was on a neutral coloured path. Thank you Carole. I didn’t put in too much detail but might try it again from a different angle. Thanks Carole , it’s certainly not to everyone’s taste but the colours/ shapes has their own beauty. Sad though. Thank you Denise. I really enjoyed painting it and observing the subtle tonal variations. Thanks Chris. I hadn’t thought of it as a still life! Not too pleasant Linda. I wouldn’t have been as keen if it wasn’t so decomposed! Thanks Faye. I’m really pleased that you like it. I’d walked past and returned for another look. Thank you Anne I’d like to be able to capture an element of sadness as well as the anatomical detail. Thank you Katy. I did an etching of a dead bird for my student exams over 40 years ago.

A beautiful watercolour that shows the fragility of life, especially in the times we’re living in. For me, it quite touching.

Thank you Ellen. Your lovely comment is quite touching too.

Diana, this is one of the most touching paintings I’ve seen on the gallery for a long time. It has a deep and far reaching effect on me, an inescapable image of existence. I see in this husk, still a spark of that existence and so must you have, because you went back for another look! It’s so beautiful and moving Diana.

Fiona , your comment has moved me to tears. It’s extremely emotional and I’m so flattered to think that the feeling behind the work as well as the worm itself can be so evocative. Thank you.

Beauty in everything, gorgeous.

I can’t help but come back to look again Diana, it’s as if I don’t want to miss its passing, or for it to be forgotten. I’m probably being morbid but you’ve given it another life and spirit…..in such a simple act. My apologies if I have made you sad.

I agree Romila and thank you. Fiona , you made me very proud of my artistic passion and the way you described mortality is beautiful.

Thank you Diane. Drawing this took me back 46 years to Shen I drew something similar as a student.

Beautifully macabre painting

Thank you Nicola. It was beautiful in many ways

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Watercolour on paper. Walking yesterday I was fascinated by this bird skeleton. It’s bedraggled feathers had a blue sheen in the dappled woodland light. Not everyone’s cup of tea but I found it rather beautiful Ink and watercolour on paper

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