Katarina Miletic

KM cropped


I was born of 5th July 1971 in Belgrade where I have studied Law and Orthodox Theology at Belgrade University. Upon coming to England I have studied Interior Design with the Regent Academy of Fine Arts, and after that Professional Interior Design with the National Design Academy in Nottingham (it was one of the first online academic courses sponsored by Staffordshire University). I actively paint with watercolours since 1998, also using watercolours to paint on silk; and I have exhibited my art in various art exhibitions, galleries and art shows around London and Belgrade. On 27th October 2006 I have won first prize in Blegrade’s October Salon of Amateur Painters with my painting Great-grandfather’s Cart. I have been part of London’s Bayswater Road Art Exhibition since July 2002. I am fascinated with light and shade and I try to portray colours as I see them.