Lovely sense of light as usual.

So lovely, Diana!

Very good exploration!

Thank you Linda. It’s a novelty to put the highlights on last. Thank you Manoj. I certainly need more space to put drying oil paintings Thank you Heather. It’s knowing when to stop!

Great, carry on exploring!

I love the textures you have created in this.

There's a real sparkle to your background. The lively brushwork makes it shimmer like dappled glass.

I love this Diana, it's great!

Love the way you paint glass,,lovely little jar.

Super painting Diana

Love your glass paintings Diana.

Thank you Sandra. I will do for a few days. Thank you Denise. I’m finding that I can change the look so quickly with just a few brush strokes Thank you Colette. I was not sure if the dappled look was too distracting. I liked it so trying to stop following rules etc so much and enjoy playing. Thank you Diane. I loved the light coming through the bottles. Thank you Val-Irene. The colours were glorious and I haven’t done them justice really. Thank you John. I’m really pleased with that compliment. Thank you Romila. It’s messy but enjoyable. Mind you , I make a dreadful mess with watercolour 😂 Thank you Anne. The jar was my favourite bit to work. Thank you David. I have some more canvasses so might keep the momentum going. Thank you Carole. I might try something completely different next 😳

You are a fabulous painter of light in whatever media you choose Diana. Keep on Fiddling.

Thank you Brian. That’s a great compliment.

Especially like the jar and foreground marks and colours, Diana.

Love your ability to take the mundane and make it interesting and full of colour and life, Diana. A rare gift.

You can make the ordinary look amazing, Diana. I agree with everyone else, regarding textures and colours.

You are the diva of highlights and reflections Diana. Just stunning.

I wish my fiddling turned out as good as this Diana, love the jam pot.

Superb as usual.

A beautifully painted collection !

This has such a luminous quality Diana. I really love it.

Thank you Jenny. I went back to it and strengthened a few bits and actually signed it which is a rare occurrence! I sign my watercolours on the back. Thank you Jim and Ellen. My kitchen is like a stage with theatrical lighting. Thank you Carole. I really have a wonderful source of light from my kitchen window. Thank you for your ongoing support Fiona. I the last few days, I’ve painted four and scraped two off. I’m getting a bit more confident with the paint and different brushes. Thank you Stephen and Anne. I’m really spurred on in this challenge with your encouragement. Thank you again Audrey. I really value your opinion

You are so good at painting glass, Diana - this is great.

Thank you very much Maureen. I’m just beginning to get the feel for the different brushes and knives

Hang on Studio Wall

I’m exploring textures made from a variety of brushes/knives as well as paint thickness

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