Denise Smith


Hello my name is DAS, I'm a retired nurse, I've always been involved in craft of various types. I've always wanted to paint and especially water colours. April 2018 I became involved with our local library, where I met some amazing people who introduced me to a local art club. I am quite shy, but made the effort to go and haven't looked back since. Painting has become my passion. The paintings I enjoy creating the most, are of animals and wild life. As I feel this gives me the most challenge to bring them to life. Since being at the art club I have learned to draw, and various techniques, such as pen and wash. pen and ink, water colour and acrylic. My husband and family have all been very supportive and have encouraged me to post my work on line. I'm still learning but would welcome any feedback/critique. Looking forward to hearing your comments. Thanks DAS.