ANA Coucello


I was born in Lisbon and have lived here forever. I'm a self-taught watercolorist. I opted for watercolor because I considered the medium that best “fit” my spare time and also found its whimsical and surprising character stimulating. I began painting at home until the wee hours of the morning, strictly adhering - as I still do today - to the classic canons of watercolor. Gradually, however, I became seduced by the difficulties of the landscape at the site and at first. Although I often return to studio work, I prefer to attempt a fluid and natural record, spontaneously and without cunning, of the impression that a given natural environment gives me without having to subject myself to the discipline and planning slowness that others modalities and large formats usually require. My watercolors do not pursue photographic realism, they are just impressions, my own impressions. Not forgetting the genius pioneers of scientific illustration who resorted to watercolor such as Dürer, my preferences go to English school painters who in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries established watercolor no longer as an auxiliary resource for rehearsing the work but as the work itself - with JW Turner (1775-1851), of course, to the head. Charles Reid (1937-2019) is the contemporary watercolorist whose work I admire the most to this day. Among the Portuguese watercolorists, I appreciate the Oporto painter António Cruz (1907-1983). I have never felt the urge to expose - painting is for me the art of recollection in a solitary and subjective quest that I feel no particular need to share except occasionally with those closest to me. Nevertheless, several of my watercolors feature in private collections.