Des Welsh



Hi, and thankyou for taking time to browse my gallery. Born in Belfast in 1955, and art has always been a part of my life. I have received no formal education in art, apart from great inspiration and encouragement from my art teacher at school way back then! A career in the aerospace industry as a Technical Illustrator/Author was instrumental in honing my drawing skills and an eye for detail which is evident in my work. I have exhibited in various local galleries including 'Gallery1608' Bushmills County Londonderry, 'Canvas Galleries' Belfast, 'Sheldon Galleries' Newtownards/Belfast, 'Black Canvas Gallery' Holywood County Down, The Eakin Gallery Belfast, Green Gallery Dublin and in The Mall Galleries in London for the Guild of Aviation Artists in July , 2016 and achieved a sale. Also sold work in USA. Hope you enjoy my gallery, Des.