Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh Castle

Good work Fiona. Impressive sketch.

These are colour combinations I really think work well together. Sparkling.

Good work, Fiona.

Fiona, this has real drama and movement. The choice of colour compliments the abstract elements and the sea, although abstract, brings back memories of a lovely short break I had there in February 2015. Fabulous! Steve

Lovely dynamic sketch Fiona, capturing the movement of the water, and those menacing clouds above the castle!

Love this view and glad you have added drama and atmosphere as this is how it is usually seen. Great sky and love the abstract approach Fiona.

Thanks Jim, Stephen, Cesare, Steve, Chandra, Carole for your encouraging comments. Somehow this subject to me, cries out for thunderous skies and rolling seas....and much more talent than I have to produce the effect! Thank you all again.

Wow, Fiona, this is very, very impressive!

Dramatic sky and castle in silhouette. The sea isn’t terribly convincing Fiona, a bit pointy perhaps! Nonetheless a good effort.

Saw this while posting Fiona..... Great job here!

Very dramatic, Fiona, love the colours and the semi-abstract foreground.

Very impressive. The sea has an abstract quality, but it works for me.

Fantastic sketch, Fiona!

I think it's brilliant, Fiona. The impressionistic feeling and timeless mood add to the drama of this most striking piece. I know this area very well and you have definitely caught the mystique, magic and romance of Bamburgh. A real eye-catcher. Bri

Nice warm/cool palette Fionna and most expressive foreground. Leaving plenty for the viewer to interpret as they wish.

Mia, John, Alan, Guy, Jenny, Lewis, Detlev, Brian and Alan.....thank you all very much for your kind words. I haven’t had very much time to do anything but quick sketches and scribbles through the summer. Looking forward to getting the time to get back into painting properly.

So effective in your choice of colour and medium, I just love it !!👍😀

Linda thank you x

This is a lovely, loose, lively, sketch Fiona giving a beautiful impressionistic take on Bamburgh Castle.

Thank you Barry, I appreciate your kind observations.

I agree with you that Bamburgh Castle is a little lacking in atmosphere, certainly not one of my favourites, but you've given it a real feeling of mystery and foreboding in this exciting sketch Fiona.

Many thanks Val. I thought the castle was magnificent but the day itself was picture postcard, blue skies and sunshine......not the perfect elements to capture its character, I think. Thanks again x

I really love the shapes in the foreground. They work so effectively in contrast to the softer sky.

Just realised you might have thought I was talking about your painting when I said the castle lacks atmosphere, I was of course talking about the castle for real. Whenever I've visited Bamburgh it's always looked a little dull and uninspiring but that might have been down to the weather of course:)

Diana thank you very much. Thanks Gudrun! X Lol.....Val I didn’t think that at all! I couldn’t get over the majesty of the place, it’s so large! But the weather didn’t back up it’s reputation one bit, made it too pretty and picture postcard-ish.

That’s a great style Fiona. Your traditional and your semi abstract, for me, have come together in a triumph.

Thank you very much Michael for your observations, I enjoyed roughing it up a bit.

Thanks Dennis x

I love this. The light in the distance is brilliant.

Julie thank you!

This is fabulous, Fiona! Love the limited pallet - very dramatic. When I visited there many years ago, the place made me think of Vikings in their galleys etc - I think this captures the wild grandeur.

Many thanks Margaret. Funny you should mention Vikings, that’s the reason I wanted to visit here. Have you read Bernard Cornwells books about The Last kingdom? Bamburgh features in these books and is about the Vikings.

Spent time here, wonderful beaches and castle. Captured with great atmosphere.

Thanks Bryan. Who couldn’t be inspired, it’s a great area.

Just looking through your portfolio again. I love your work Fiona and the variety of it.

Thank you Diane, that’s very kind of you.

Thank you Tomasz.

Love the colours my favourite combination blues, greens and yellows

Mine too Simon! Thanks very much.

Thank you both very much for your comments.

That’s a great, exciting and creative perspective Fiona. The sea does it for me. And all the light, will be, will be And all the future prophecy And all the waves, the sea, the sea And on the road, are you and me… (Enya ‘The Humming’.)

You are a silver tongued devil Michael……lovely words x

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour, ink, using reed pen in sketchbook. The day I visited Bamburgh it was the perfect summers day , clear blue sky, brilliant colours but not a lot going for it in the atmosphere department. I roughed this one up a bit, based on a photo that my husband took from the boat.

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