You really must take up 'scribbling' more often Fiona, this is so fresh and dynamic, love all the foreground rigger work as well.

This &#39;sketch&#39; is stunning. I love it <br />Diana

Very fluid and very nice Fiona!

Gorgeous Fiona, I love it, amazing colours, wow :)

Lovely contrast between the detail and larger areas of loose wash in this, Fiona.

I like the SKY.it is dramatic Fiona.

I especially like the warmth and clarity of the yellow, not turning green with the application of blues and greys around it....a real fun sketch full of light. I agree with everyone else, great quick work Fiona.

Full of movement and excitement. My sort of watercolour. I love it

Lovely watercolour Fiona!

I wish could &#39;scribble&#39; like this Fiona, it&#39;s beautiful!

Delightful Fiona as ever .Well done.

Gorgeous sky Fiona! you can tell that you absolutely love to use watercolours. A very striking scene.

I agree with all the other comments. Great watercolour.

Another beauty, Fiona, with few lovely colours and skilful hand.

Yes another cracker Fiona.

Beautiful zig zag marks Fiona, very attractive painting.

This is so atmospheric, Fiona. Love it :) Mia

Scribbles? Hah! Smashing work Fiona and using someone elses inspiration is not a problem.

Happy Scribbling Fiona. It&#39;s great.

And a great bit of scribble it is Fiona

Scribble? It&#39;s a testament to your skill that your &quot;scribble&quot; has all the hallmarks of a fabulous watercolor - great tonal range, clean glowing washes and gorgeous atmosphere. Superlative work, Fiona!

Thank you very much everyone...I&#39;m amazed to read all your super comments. I have a confession to make, it was getting late and I was being lazy. I hadn&#39;t done any painting for yesterday and I picked the nearest book up but not wanting to copy a painting, and found this charcoal sketch which I liked the lights and darks in. It took me a couple of minutes to put all the sky and foreground in, I put it on the radiator to dry then added the bothy, trees and flicky bits in. Perhaps I ought to be lazy more often!lol Thank you all again. X

Its those great directional marks that lift this one. And the lack of fuss. Simple but so effective.

I&#39;m a bit late here Fiona but this stood out because it&#39;s so fluid.

Many thanks Sharon, Marjorie!

I just wish I could produce work like this Fiona, so clean, fresh and precise.

Wonderful &#39;scribble&#39; with your now not so new yellow!!! Lovely sweeping feel.

It was applied fairly rapidly Russell, big brush and a deep breath.....thank you for your very kind comment.<br />Thanks Gudrun....yes the new yellow is getting plenty of outings.

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11"x9" Quick watercolour scribble based on a charcoal sketch by Aubrey Phillips.

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