More Hips & Haws!

More Hips & Haws!

I liked the other one Fiona , but this is a beauty. you just get it "right" .

Very good Fiona. Well done. The more I look the more lovely detail I can see.

Another beautiful painting, Fiona.

Didn't get round to commenting on the previous Fiona but this makes up for it thrice fold.

Lovely colours and the looseness is fantastic - a very effective painting

I like this with the warmer tones, Fiona. And the sky compliments it beautifully. I love that craggy tree too, really woody looking!

Thank you so much Sylvia! John, Cesare, Derek, Tom, Ann and Margaret.....thank you all ever so much!

Hard to choose between them Fiona. They are both crackers.

Both are very nice Fiona, I do like the colours you have used beautiful

Back to your 'forte', this one give a he colour of the berries you were trying to depict, whilst the earlier one I preferred the background, which had more depth, but both are really painted well, with wonderful trees as always.

I also like both of them, Fiona, in your typical style: beauties!!!

Another lively work Fiona and the added colour in the bushes works well. Still not convinced about that tree though, I suppose you can't please all the people all the time!

I like this one a tiny bit more the redness in the trees is beautiful Fiona.

Thank you Andre, I think I should have beefed up the red in the last one for the berries because like you, I preferred the depth in the last one. I may still do that. Thank you very much Mia, Stephen...before the Ash loses it's leaves I'll have another go Stephen, in fact I noticed yesterday that the Ash keys are showing up a bright yellowy green against the darkened green of the leaves at the moment. Thanks again Carole.

Not seen no 1 yet but I rather like this one Fiona, I love the way you depict your trees.

Many thanks ladies!

A really typical " Fiona " with those lovely loose markings!

Fiona, I like the way this painting draws one into the scene. It gives the sensation of being there and viewing it through your eyes. I also like the way the fence provides a sense of unity by moving across the composition.

Didn't know what to expect with that title?..... Lol...then I opened it up and saw this.... Well it's a little blue in places... Nice work

Satu, Wib thank you both very much for your comments.

Lol....I see what you mean Alan.....thank you!

Good strong painting Carole and beautifully expressive brushwork

Thanks Dermot, very much!

You certainly have a style of your own, another cracker your brush strokes are very confident in all your paintings!

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16" x 12" watercolour on Archers, old Holland paints. Hope take 2 has made it easier to distinguish the hips and haws in the hedgerow. I've done it from a slightly different angle, not sure if it makes a better composition?

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