If You Go Down To The Woods........

If You Go Down To The Woods........

— Birches, frail whispering company, are these? Or lovely women rooted into trees? Daughters of Norsemen, on foreign shore Left hostage, while the galley draws away, Beating its rise and fall on manifold oar, Beating a pathway to broken coasts, Forgetful of its ghosts? V. Sackville West.

Fantastic detail which reflects amazing application and talent Fiona. I love your deeper meaning narratives.

Wow Fiona that looks like you had fun! The more you look the more you see in this. Great stuff.

Lovely design, Fiona, you can handle a pencil -great work.

Love this Fiona, it's very interesting so much to look at...great drawing skills.

Michael thank you, I know you appreciate the ‘bones’ of a piece. If you look hard enough at a subject like this, you can actually see even in its state of decay, how much life there is. Tessa many thanks. Fun?! It has taken me four hours and sore eyes......lol.....but I didn’t noticed the time, it flew. Great therapy. That’s very kind thank you Willie. Lesley thanks very much, it’s more than a bit ropey in places but I’m pleased I had a go at it.

This close up of a part of a fallen Birch tree looks very interesting, I can see some zentangle designs there and so many other things, a little dog's head,in the foreground....It is great, love it, it makes me want to look at these decaying Birch trees tomorrow in the woods.

that really is getting close and personal with your subject matter , I admire the dedication that can give 4 hours - but looking at the detail seen can , perhaps ,understand why. It is a revealing picture.

Most unusual and interesting Fiona. Very different. Nice work.

Well isn't this interesting? Really beautifully drawn Fiona, a real gem that has taken some time to complete. Rather impressed, and that takes some doing!

Wow, what an amazing drawing - you can keep going back and seeing more

Wow Fionna, fantastic piece. I think this is the most detailed and different piece I've seen of yours. A cracker. Steve

The detail is amazing, such skilled pencil work !

Fiona, I absolutely love this! Really interesting composition, the monochrome is really effective and there's so much to look at.

Sure of a great surprise !!! Could look at this for a long time and keep seeing different things. Very very good and interesting. 4 hours well spent.

Absolutely stunning, Fiona, and so very inspired and inspiring! Brilliant thoughtful work, love the quote, too

Annick, Mike, Jim, Alan thanks very much for your encouraging comments.....appreciated.

Many thanks Heather, Stevan, Sharon, Jenny, Richard, Thalia....thrilled that you find it interesting to look in to and see many things.

What superb draughtsman,(woman)ship.

Amazing Fiona, its like a miniature landscape with fields and rivers. I'd be a proud lady if I'd drawn this , unfortunately I didn't :)

Diana, Shaun, Val......thank you very much indeed for your super comments.

So much detail, so much to look at, soooooo good.

Carolyn thank you!

Fantastic... 😁

Glad you like it Alan....took me bloody ages!! 😉

This is fantastic Fiona. It doesn't surprise me it took so long -the detail is amazing.

Carol, thank you very much! X

Brilliant look into the visa of pattern and lots of lovely new work Fiona

Hang on Studio Wall

16”x12” 2b to 6b pencil on watercolour paper. .......you may come across sights like this, of course this may depend on how much water/tonic you took with your snifter! It’s a close up of part of a fallen Birch tree which is a long way tuowards its return to the rich earth of the wood. The Birch tree symbolises renewal and purification and is the Lady of trees.

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