Sharon Dixon


Went to art college as a teenager but life took me in a different direction, psychiatric nursing and later in life I studied Counselling & psychotherapy. Worked in the NHS & private sector ,also enjoyed being a Counselor for students at Leeds University. No longer the main carer to my parents, having lost both. Two daughters are grown up so art has once again become a focus . I joined a Graphite & Charcoal workshop last autumn and from the moment I walked into a studio filled with easels , I was hooked . It’s amazing to have the time for art again ! Re - booting dormant art skills by attending as many art classes as possible . All the current work on my page has recently been accepted by a local art gallery: A&R Galleries in West Yorkshire. I always liked the darkness and tones of charcoal and pencil , very underrated in my opinion. Have an interest in conveying emotion through art .