Crooks And Nannies!

Crooks And Nannies!

This really appeals to me Fiona. I love old cemeteries and the angles of the beautiful headstones. I really like everything about this drawing

A great sense of depth with those large grave stones in the foreground Fiona. Loving this project of yours :)

Well done Fiona,a great sketch, good composition , It looks like you enjoyed the sketching, all for the love of Art. lol.

Really like this, normally a composition with a wall bisecting the image might look a little dull. Here, with the strong headstones in the foreground, it works perfectly. Plus a great sense of depth.

Love the variation of interesting shapes Fiona. Beautiful drawing.

Love it Fiona, gravestones are always interesting , great drawing!

Meant to say, you stone wall looks like it will stay up, unlike mine! :))

Really like this Fiona particularly like the multipotted chimney on the right. As anticipated I am really enjoying this project.

Me too Diana, there are so many interesting subjects in a graveyard......I think we ought to get out more! Lol thank you very much. Thanks Val, I enjoyed it last year, so I was thrilled when Davy said we were doing it again. I did actually Annick, despite the cold. Time flies by when your concentration is set on something. Thanks very much. I thought exactly the same Lewis and I said as much to the tutor but he said it works. I think the treatment of the wall has to be light and subtle to work, so that’s out of my Thank you very much for your observation. Many thanks Carole K. when I come to do the painting of this, I think I will use the shapes as the main theme and make it blocky. Carole, your stone wall is probably made of good Derbyshire will stand forever, it’s stubborn stuff. Thank you I’m enjoying it too Carol..... We started painting today, only done a watercolour sketch but will work up to oils. Thank you x

Lovely detailed drawing Fiona - great project. Bet you enjoyed that coffee!

Forty minutes in the cold? I'm impressed Fiona. Such an interesting, well drawn view with the addition of the well positioned gravestones. A good sketch!

This looks super Fiona, an impressive piece with lovely shading. I like the stone wall too

the title had me expecting Alastair Sim in all his glory but the drawing didn't disappoint - like it

Love the composition, Fiona. This is a super drawing!

Hope you weren't checking out your plot! Some of your latest drawings are really excellent, this is one of them Fiona. In fact I'm wondering if Jules is doing them! Really nice drawing, the composition with the headstones in shadow really make this piece. Also a great wall and buildings, even the tree. I can't find anything to criticise here, which is worrying as I hate being complimentary!

Really like this, Fiona - makes a great subject with the old, wonky headstones. Our local churchyard is full of beautiful old headstones and is one of my favourite places locally, full of atmosphere and a reminder of past lives through the centuries.

Beautiful detail, Fiona.

Thanks Margaret, yes the coffee did the trick. Forty minutes! I did it again yesterday.....I must be daft, I was the only one of the group to go out sketching! I think I’ve gathered enough sketches now to start painting from......thank you for your iron support Louise! Lol Thanks Margaret, I wasn’t sure about the wall but it seems to work okay. Lol.....yes it has that Ealing studio title Mike. Thank you. Mia thank you very much. Lol...Alan my plot (lair) is in the other graveyard and no Jules isn’t doing them, he wouldn’t know what to do with a pencil! Blimey, nothing to criticise, are you I’ll darling?! When I posted this I thought you would comment on the wall, I’m happy that you approve darling x Thank you Jenny, I agree there are some fascinating headstones, some have no writing but images, and they tell you the story of their life and death. I might do one of these later. Many thanks Ellen and Dennis, appreciate your comments.

I will just reiterate what Diana said. Lovely sketch.

Thank you Richard!

Hang on Studio Wall

Sketchbook and pencil. Third sketch in the nooks and crannies project, I did this from the graveyard looking up towards the county buildings, that’s the clock tower in the background. Took me about forty minutes, I was ready to get my hands around a hot mug of wasn’t very warm.

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